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I am either getting old or I just don't understand TikTok. Don't get me wrong. I love the app. I love a lot of the creators on there and their content. I just don't know how to post. I'm not that interesting it seems. I have thoughts and I tend to use it like a longer version of Twitter. I don't know enough about make-up to do tutorials, or coordinated enough to do dance videos. I'll figure it out, but for now, I'll just experiment on there and see where it gets me.

Randy Spike


Well, it's been almost 3 years now since my Dad passed away and a lot has changed. I look back at my last entry and I feel so removed from the grief that I was going through at that time. In the time since that post, I got married, got another cat, got a new car, and soon hopefully will have a new job. I'm also waiting for my application to be a Notary Public to be processed. 

I still talk to my Dad. He and Mom show up in my dreams from time to time. It's good to see them. The canyon of pain that was in my chest when my Dad died healed. I'm able to live now. I'm ready to start making changes to the house, I'm getting rid of his stuff. I refuse to be Miss Haversome from Great Expectations who held on to everything. It's not healthy.

I will always miss my Dad. I miss talking to him and laughing with him and just having a beer with him. I know he lives on in me and for now that's all that matters. Time to go have adventures in this wonderful thing we call LIFE.

Crying Liebgott by Boleyn

And The World Spins On...

I'm lost.

I don't know how to live now. You see my beloved father, my best friend, my drinking buddy, and fellow Yankee Fan died on 1/9/2018. He'd been suffering for the last year and had been on a roller coaster of medical issues. I won't bore you with the details but it was rough.

My time was spent between waking, going to work, run to the nursing home, come home, eat dinner-rinse and repeat. I got the call on Tuesday 1/9 that my Dad wasn't doing well. He'd gone pale, clammy, breathing funny, and had become unresponsive to verbal commands. I left work immediately. I didn't make it in time. He had passed away while I was enroute. 

I sat with him for an hour in the room. I held his hand, kissed his brow and told him how much I loved him. I also tried to will him back into his shell. Even though I knew he'd rather be in full health than be stuck in a broken body. I say I'm sorry to him for that every night since. It wasn't fair.

Now, I don't know what to do. I've been a caregiver for so MANY years that now my time is mine. What do I do with all this time? I keep having urges to rush to the nursing home and see him but I know he's not there.

I don't want to be on this journey as an orphan. The world spins wildly on and I'm standing still.

Doctor/Jack Kissing by Fire_graphics

A Brand New World (1/1)

Title: A Brand New World
Author: Annjej76
Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Earth-2 Harrison Wells/Barry Allen
Rating: M

“Tell me what you want Mr. Allen” Harrison Wells said shortly after licking a long stripe on the underside of Barry Allen’s cock.

“Uh….” The young man grunted as he twisted side to side in the throes of desire.

“Tell me Mr. Allen” Harrison said with a smirk watching Barry's fingers go white knuckled as he clenched the sheets.

“You” Barry said through gritted teeth.

“and?” Harrison prompted.

“You IN me!” Barry cried as Harrison’s fingers brushed his prostate causing the young mans hips to piston off the mattress.

“That’s my boy” Harrison replied as he removed his fingers from the warmth of Barry’s hole. He smiled as Barry keened at the loss of pressure.

Reaching over he grabbed the bottle of lube and quickly slicked himself up. Leaning over Barry he looked down at the scrunched up face of Barry Allen and was in awe of seeing someone so ravaged by desire, caused especially by himself. It had been years since he made anyone look like that in his bed.

Slowly he pushed his way inside  the young man and was happy to see Barry’s eyes open wide at the sensations he was causing.

“I know you like to go fast Mr. Allen, but I personally LOVE to go slow” he crooned as he set a slow pace of in and out that caused him to smile evilly as Barry’s head thrashed back and forth as pleasure overtook his senses.

Leaning forward he placed a soft kiss to the side of Barry’s neck, causing the young man to look at him startled.

“I’m not the Reverse Flash Barry. You can trust me” he said as he gave Barry a chaste kiss in the midst of his slow thrusting.

Barry reached up grasping him by the back of the neck and crashed their lips together in a frenzied kiss that was all lips and teeth. A kiss that sent shock waves down Harrison Wells spine. The boy was his for the taking.

Gingerly he reached a hand up and cupped Barry’s cheek.

“Look at me Mr. Allen” he gritted as the beginnings of his orgasm stirred in his stomach.

Barry looked up at him through heavy lids and flushed features.

Hoisting one of Barry’s legs up over his shoulder he kissed the young man on the inside of his knee and whispered “Come for me!”

His features broke out in a genuine smile as the young man came hard under him. His  hot spurts spreading warmth over his chest and stomach as the young Mr. Allen cried out “DR. WELLS!”

Later as Dr. Wells lay there with Barry sleeping soundly with his head cushioned on his chest and his leg flung over his. He couldn’t help but marvel “maybe this Earth wasn’t so bad after all.”

William the Poet

I Have Loved You For a Thousand Years (5/?)

Title: I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years (5/?)

Author: Annjej76

Rating: M

Pairing: Xander/Spike

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss Whedon has that honor. I’m just taking the characters out for a joyride.

Synopsis: Xander gets turned into a vampire hybrid and gets shoved into another dimension. When he comes out he’s not the same. Will Spike be able to reach him or has he gone round the bend permanently?

It was a couple hours later when Spike was finally able to quietly slip out of Xander’s room once the young man was finally sound asleep. It unnerved Spike deeply that Xander was so far removed from the young man he had stayed with so many years ago. Closing the door quietly he made his way downstairs and over to the Slayer Compound to get a bite to eat.

“Don’t know what Rupert was thinking, bloody berk…me helpin’ the boy re-adjust! Boy’s barmier than Dru ever was, made no mention of the 1800’s. Just rambled on like I wasn't even there, and what was up with the whole demon mess? Xan needs a doc not a bloody vamp!” Spike muttered angrily as he slammed cabinet doors in the kitchen trying to get a mug so he could heat up some blood.

Sitting there in the quiet and sipping his meal, he couldn’t help but ask out loud “Why do I have to babysit Harris? I’m positive he’d rather have Red or Buffy or Nibblet. Why me? Whelp and I never got on before, don’t see that ever changin’!” Not getting any answers from the appliances and having nothing else to do Spike got up and wandered around Slayer Central.

He marveled at the serenity while all the good little Slayers were in bed and somehow his feet led him to the outside of the Library. A soft glow of light shone under the double French doors signaling someone was inside. Sliding it open he was surprised to see Giles hunched over numerous books and scrolls with a look of deep concentration on his face.

“Need help Watcher?” Spike asked leaning against the doorframe.

Looking up startled, Giles took off his glasses and nodded as he stretched his neck. Spike could hear the bones snapping back into place from across the room. Apparently Rupes had been at this for hours.

“Ah, yes. Thank you Spike. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I feel I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall when it comes to our young Mr. Harris” Giles said wearily.

“Well let’s see if I can help. What’s got you hung up?” Spike said as he walked over to the overflowing table.

“Would you like a list?” Giles quipped with a slight smile.

“After what I saw tonight, I could do with one, yea” Spike replied as he sat down.

“Right” Giles said seriously as he shuffled numerous sheets of paper until he found the list he had written down.

“What we know is that Xander was the unfortunate victim of Phillip LaMond’s experiment to create day walkers. He was tossed into another dimension. He shows up again with a new eye which can only be demonic. He doesn’t know what year it is, and he’s now apparently a thousand years old. Did I miss anything?”

“Besides the partridge in a pear tree.” Spike said with a smirk.

“Quite” Giles replied as he rubbed his temples. “What exactly is this term day walker you keep throwing around? Buffy mentioned something in her phone call that the demons she encountered were here due to this “day walker”.”

“A day walker is what Phillip LaMond was trying to create. What I can gather from these ancient texts is a day walker is a human/vampire hybrid who possesses their soul but can also hunt during the daytime without the fear of turning to dust.”

“So basically a human with the vampire perk package” Spike said as he stood to get a better view of some of the scrolls.

“Essentially yes.” Giles replied leaning his head back and staring at the ceiling.

“These are in Ancient Sumarian…says something about a day walker and a demon coming together to…” Spike says as he skims the ancient text.

Giles head snapped up and standing abruptly he looks at the scroll Spike is reading.

“What was that?” Giles said skimming the scroll.

“Just rattlin’ off this part here” Spike replied, pointing to the torn section.

“You’re translation is impeccable but what does that mean?” Giles muttered as he skims the scroll again looking for any other clues.

Spike bristled at the compliment and simply muttered "Don't have a clue."


Across the campus up in his room Xander curled up tightly into a ball as memories of his time in the other dimension assaulted him while he slept:

The landscape was scarce and barren with a few dead trees scattered across the horizon. Looking around all Xander saw was miles and miles of gray sandstone outcroppings. There was hardly any vegetation and the sky was a harsh red from the angry sun that shone relentlessly.

“Where the hell did he send me?” Xander muttered, “I wonder if this is one of those dimensions without shrimp that Ayn always mentioned? Although it looks like it’s a dimension without a lot of things…”

Heading off Xander tried to keep calm at his misfortune, after what felt like hours of walking he found a hill with some caves. “I wonder if those are safe?” he thought as the sky turned a violent gray signaling a rain storm was approaching. Xander jumped as the first few drops hit his skin and started sizzling.

“What the hell? OW! OW!” Xander cried as he ran as fast as he could toward the caves for cover. Once inside the cave he looked down and noticed that his skin had blistered where the “rain” had hit his exposed skin.

“So not your normal rain. Great, if it burns my skin, means no watery goodness for the Xanman” he muttered staring out at the storm.

“Um, excuse me Sir!”

Xander whipped around and there in the back of the cave was a Spike doppelganger only with weird clothes and glasses.

“Uh, hello” Xander replied giving a small wave.

“There’s a small pool of water back here that’s safe to drink” the man said pointing to the far left corner of the cave.

Xander walked forward cautiously unsure who this guy was and looked where he pointed. Sure enough a small pool of water glistened in the light of the cave. Xander knelt down and reaching out touched the water with his finger. It touched the cool liquid and Xander almost cried with relief as his skin didn’t burn.

Turning toward his mysterious companion he exclaimed “Thank Yo….” The words dying on his tongue as the cave was completely empty. “Great I’m going crazy and I haven’t been here a full day” he said turning back to the pool and drinking his fill. He didn’t notice that further back in the cave an invisible creature lay in wait to attack.


Xander tried to keep track of how long he’d been in this new dimension. He found an old hide of some creature and started scratching lines to keep track. For each day he added a tick mark, he couldn’t tell how long the days were but marked the passing of each day with the rising and setting of the angry red sun that never seemed to move unless it was nearing nighttime.

Xander was in a deep sleep when he was startled awake by a piercing yell.


Xander shot up awake and spun around looking for Spike around the cave .Turning back he noticed his groin was wet and looking down noticed a grotesque red eyed demon about to devour his penis with razor sharp teeth. Rearing up one leg he kicked with all his might into the face of the demon sending it reeling back against the opposite wall of the cave. It screeched and shook off the shock as Xander scrambled back trying to zip himself up in the process.

“What the hell?” Xander cried jumping to his feet. The demon charged again and Xander hit it back with a branch he had collected as firewood.

“I. AM. NOT. YOUR. BUTTMONKEY!” He yelled as he hit the demon over the head. One the third hit, it grabbed the branch and threw Xander back across the cave causing him to land on his back.

Xander shot to his feet and lit the branch he held with fire and charged the demon out into the darkness outside the cave. Xander stood there, breathing heavily as he watched the shadow of the demon disappear against the horizon. Its angry screams echoing off the rock faces as it passed.

Turning back into the cave, he walked over to the small fire and sat down staring into its depths. He didn’t know how long he sat there contemplating his fate in this new landscape but he reached over and patted the wall of the cave and whispered hoarsely “Thanks.” Unbeknownst to Xander this caused a ripple of delight to shoot through the cave and connecting him on a psychic level with the benign entity that lived in the cave.

The next day Xander was sitting against the wall of the cave sharpening spears to help kill the small creatures he’s relied on to eat. He was concentrating on getting the sharpness correct when a voice called out from the back of the cave.


Xander spun around and gawked at the Spike clone he’d seen when he first arrived and had helped him find clean water. Closing his mouth and swallowing audibly. He gave a small wave.

“Uh, Hello?”

“I just wanted to tell you. You did quite admirably against that hideous monstrosity that came in here last night” the clone said

“Thanks I guess, but why didn’t you help?”

“Oh I was too frightened, I was hiding in the back, but I knew you would scare it away.”

“What’s your name? I’m Alexander but my friends back home call me Xander”

The young man smiled and stepping closer to his new companion replied simply…

“Hello Xander, you may call me William.”


Xander started to enjoy William’s presence even if he looked like Spike. It was nice to have someone to talk to, he really didn’t want to end up like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” and end up talking to an inanimate object when that day came he’d hope someone would just stake him. Surviving day to day was hard and soon he couldn’t wait to hide in his cave away from the angry yellow eyed demons that lived down on the flat lands whose eyes followed him as he did his routines. They always seemed to stop what they were doing and just stare at him with those unblinking eyes, as the entrails of the small animals they were eating dripped from their jowels.

When Xander got back to the cave after his latest excursion to get more firewood. He was surprised to see Spike near the back, leaning against the wall of the cave.

“Are you here to rescue me Spike? Please tell me Buffy and the others finally figured out where I am. I knew Willow would find me. God, I can’t wait to see them all again. Buffy, Dawn, even the G-Man…”Xander rambled as he dropped the firewood on his growing pile.

“Ain’t here to rescue you Harris. Just here to give ya a heads up on those nasty beasts out there. They’re called Mothrak demons. Don’t see many in our dimension but they have been known to be conjured up a few times. Dru and I came across one in Madrid. Nasty buggers.

“You’re not here to rescue me? Then why the cryptic message about those creatures anyway?” Spike stood there staring at him, something was off about Spike but Xander couldn’t put his finger on it. Finally after a few tense moments of just staring at each other Xander couldn’t take it anymore.

“Get to the point Spike!” Xander groused.

“My point is. Best way to kill em’ Harris is to gouge out the eyes. The eyes see all. Good luck.” Spike said as he sauntered back into the darkness at the back of the cave.

“Gouged eyes. Got it. Thanks Fangless!” Xander called to the back of the cave. The only answer he got was the quiet dripping of water into the pool.

“What the hell?”


Xander’s lungs burned as he ran as fast as he could from the gang of yellow-eyed demons. They were closing in. His feet moved on their own accord. He zigged, he zagged. He could see the cave off in the distance all he had to do was get there and be safe. He was close when a sharp claw grasped his shoulder and flung him to the ground. He flipped over and stared up at the demon who just stood over him staring at him.

He watched in horror as it reached up and with one hand ripped its own eye out of its socket. Looking back down at Xander it slowly brought its clawed hand down that held the dripping eyeball, Xander tried to flinch away but the others had pinned him down by standing on his limbs. One sharp nailed finger flicked his eye patch away and in an instant slammed the new eye home into the empty socket. Xander screamed as the nerve endings grew into place.


Xander woke up with a start. Laying there he let his racing heart calm down. Staring around the room, he fell back onto the floor. He wrapped his arms around his legs as a stray tear fell and the only thing he could help but wonder was “Where are you William?” as he rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

Unbeknownst to the personnel at the Hospital and the Scoobies, something from the other dimension came through the portal with Alexander Harris. For in the shadows a steely toothed red eyed demon lay in wait for the right time to pounce.


Glitter Bomb (1/1)

Title: Glitter Bomb (1/1)
Author: Annjej76
Fandom: BtVS
Word Count: 919
Prompt: 510-Twilight
Rating: PG
Pairings: Xander/Spike, Angel/Buffy
Description: April Fools joke is on Angel?

It took a week for the prank to be set up. When Xander had mentioned his plan to Spike, Spike had cackled and fell out of his chair imagining “Peaches” being the butt of their April Fool’s joke.

Around midnight they had snuck into his office and set everything up. Then they had Andrew turn on the cameras and sat back in another room watching the footage and waited patiently. Their efforts were rewarded when they saw Angel head towards his office.


Angel didn’t know what hit him.

Okay, that was a lie. He knew exactly what hit him, the only question was why he was now covered from head to toe in multi-colored glitter.

“SPIKE!!!!!” he yelled in frustration.

“Jesus, this is going to take forever to get out of my clothes and hair and I have a date with Buffy in an hour” he muttered shaking his dark locks and heading off to his quarters for a quick shower leaving a cloud of sparkles behind him.


"Oh My God! Did you see the look on his face?” Xander cried, holding his sides in a fit of giggles.

“I know, Peaches didn’t know what hit him…”

“You do know he’s going to exact revenge on us, right?” Xander replied, wiping a tear from his eye.

“Oh I’m sure the Poof will get us one way or another and in the most torturous way possible” Spike replies ruffling Xander’s hair. “Plus he knows it was harmless.”

“Yea, but he was going on a date with Buffy.”

“You mean Bella?” Spike replies smirking.

“Oh my God! I didn’t even think of the connection” Xander cries slapping his hand to his forehead.

“You didn’t question why I was so eager to put three pounds of glitter in a bucket, you daft git?”

“I just thought you were getting confetti glitter. You know, the kind that says stuff, like “Happy 5oth or Congratulations” Xander explains as he shuffles over next to Spike on the bed.

“Well I wonder what Buffy will think about Angel’s new look, if he can wash it all off” Spike says with glee.

“I’ve got glitter in hard places…” Xander croons in a bad Texas accent.

“Oh Pet, I knew there was a reason I loved you” Spike says before noticing Xander’s shocked expression.

“You love me?” Xander asks.

Spike looks down at his hands nervously “I thought you knew Pet, if it’s not something you’re okay with, we can forget I said anything. Yea?”

“No! We cannot forget you said anything Spike!” Xander says angrily.

“Wot? Sure we can!” Spike interrupts trying to get off the bed.

“NO! Because I feel the same way!” Xander says with a shy smile, and leaning forward places a quick kiss to Spike’s forehead.

“Aw, Pet. I’ve gone all squishy inside” Spike says nuzzling Xander’s throat causing Xander to laugh.

“Glad I could make your heart grow three sizes larger Mr. Grinch” Xander replies running his hand through Spike’s soft locks, “Want to keep busy until Angel gets back?” Xander says.
 "You had to ask?" Spike replies before leaning forward and kissing Xander soundly.

They pull apart and Spike’s eyes are dark with arousal “Let’s not say a word of this to the others quite yet. We don’t want going and breaking Dawn.” Spike says with a wink.


The restaurant was romantic, the food delicious, yet Buffy couldn’t enjoy any of it. Across from her Angel sat brooding about his appearance.

Buffy for the most part tried to keep her giggles to herself. She had read the books on a dare from Willow. She wondered if it had been Xander’s idea or Spike’s? While Angel was staring out the window, Buffy quietly held up her camera and shot a quick photo. Using Instagram she picked a filter and sent it off to Willow.

“Would either of you like Dessert?” the French waiter asked.

Angel turned and met Buffy’s eyes and she silently communicated that “it was okay!”

“Can we see the selection?” Angel asks with a smile.


It was 1AM when Xander’s phone rang.

“’ello?” He muttered, rubbing the sleep from his eye.

“Pet you might want to come down to the lobby and see what Red sent us” Spike says. Xander looks around and notices that he’s alone in their suite and the sheets next to him are cold. Spike had been out of bed for a while.

“On my way” Xander replies before clicking the end button.

Getting dressed in breakneck speed he wanders down to the Lobby and sees a bunch of balloons and a cake. Walking up he notices that all the balloons have characters from “Twilight” on them.

He looks down at the cake and busts up laughing, because on the cake is the photo Buffy had taken with the new “Moon” filter with the caption on the cake “Thanks for making our resident vampire glitter!”

Just then Angel walks into the Lobby followed by a grumpy Spike carrying an assortment of treats.

“What’s going on?” Xander asks as he takes a step back afraid of what Deadboy might do.

“Don’t worry Xander, I’m not going to hurt you” Angel says with a smirk, “I just thought it might be nice to thank both you and Spike for your gift.”

Xander looks confused and turns to Spike for translation.

“He rented all of the “Twilight” movies and we’re having a watch-a-thon." Spike replies.

“Aw hell…” Xander mutters as he grabs the cake and follows the two vampires into the converted movie theater.


William the Poet

I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years (4/?)

Title: I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years (4/?)

Author: Annjej76

Rating: M

Pairing: Xander/Spike

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss Whedon has that honor. I’m just taking the characters out for a joyride.

Synopsis: Xander gets turned into a vampire hybrid and gets shoved into another dimension. When he comes out he’s not the same. Will Spike be able to reach him or has he gone round the bend permanently?

Spike lost track of how long he’d been sitting and just watching Xander stare off into nothing. A few times Spike went over and waves a hand in front of Xander’s face but doesn’t even get a blink in response. Finally having enough and bored out of his mind babysitting Harris. Spike gets up and wanders around the room looking at everything. Something keeps drawing him to the two hands of cards sitting on the table. Picking up each hand he notices the game is almost won but for some reason it hasn’t ended. Something niggles in the back of his brain, a long lost memory long forgotten. Shaking off the melancholy feeling Spike goes and sits down waiting for word from Buffy. He doesn’t have to wait long before his cell phone chimes the tune “Toxic.”


“What exactly did Xander say to you?” Buffy demands.

“He just said that there were Monsters watching in the dark. Why? What did you find?”

“There was a small army of mishmash demons all watching our compound. Fyarl demons, gooey demons, a slew of vampires, you name it…”

“I take it you took care of them?” Spike asks as he wanders over to the window staring out at the trees.

“Oh yea, we slaughtered them. The vamps are nothing but dust in the wind. How did he know they were there?”

“No clue. I couldn’t even smell them for this far away let alone see them in the shadows of the forrest.”

“I know right? Bizarre. I’ll tell Giles about what happened. Try and see if he can tell you anything about his time in the other dimension. Oh and one other thing before I head off to wash demon goo off me.”

“Yes Buffy?”

“Thank Xander for me?” Buffy asks softly.

Looking over he notices Xander is watching him intently, head cocked to the side like a dog listening to their Master.

“Will do Love. I’ll tell him right away” Spike replies. Ending the call he slips the phone back into the inside of his duster. Kneeling down he puts a hand on Xander’s shoulder and squeezing lightly quietly says “Good job Pet.”

Xander’s eyes close and he leans into Spike’s touch, as a simply thought tears through his mind. “SIRE!”


He can’t remember how he’d been kidnapped. He’d been out in the courtyard working on some bookshelves for Giles library when a hand with a cloth drenched in Chloroform was pressed to his nose and mouth.

“What the hell?” He thought weakly as the scenery around him spun and drifted into black.

When he awakes Xander finds himself staring at the ceiling of the old abandoned gym a mile away from the Slayer compound. Only reason he knew of the place is because one day he’d gotten so mad at Willow for accidently casting a spell on him that had turned his hair different colors. He was still living down the moniker “Xander of a different color” that he had stormed off muttering and cussing as he went. He’d stumbled upon it by chance hidden amongst the pine trees.

“LET US GO YOU MONSTER!!!” Kyle Wilson one of the newer Watcher’s in training yell to his right. Xander can hear the clink of the chains as the others struggle in their restraints. “Resistance is Futile” runs through Xander’s thoughts as he tries to look at his surroundings.

“I will make you into a new image! I am your creator!” Phillip LaMond exclaims as he walks around to each of the five men chained and shackled to the floor in what Xander can gather is a pentagram. “Who knew hanging with the most powerful Wicca around would make me smart?” Xander ponders.

“What are you injecting me with?!” Steve Mason cries to Xander’s left. Xander turns his head but can only make out Steve’s side and thigh in his peripheral view. The sounds of the chains rattling gets louder the closer Phillip gets to him.

“Hush now. It will only hurt for a moment then the MAGIC begins…”

“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!! WHEN I GET OUT OF THESE CHAINS I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!” Steve shouts straining against the chains.

“Oh, pretty promises. We’ll see about that. You might change your mind when you’re pledging your allegiance to me as your Master!” Phillip sneers.

‘Crap, how do I get out of this?’ Xander thinks as he turns his head from side to side looking for any sort of an escape. Tugging at the chains Xander can tell they are of good quality and don’t budge an inch.

“Shit! Buffy? Willow? Can you hear me?” Xander tries to contact the others telepathically but to no avail. “Phillip must have put some sort of cloaking spell on the gym. Great!”

Not seeing any way out of the predicament he’s in, Xander comes to grip with the stark reality. He always knew he’d die someday. Just not in this manner. Vampire? Sure. Demon Spawn. You Betcha! Meglomaniac Crazy Watcher? Didn’t make the list sadly.

Sighing, Xander closes his eye and starts saying his goodbye’s to the other Scoobies in his head.

“Wills, I’m so sorry. I know I’m a screw up and this looks like the ultimate game over moment. Do me a favor, smite this jackass into the past century? K? I want him to suffer. Tell Buffy and Dawn I love them. G-Man too. Even give Fangless a punch in the arm for me. Don’t you dare forget me or Jesse. We’ll be watching over you. Love you my Little Yellow Crayon.Goodbye…”

Xander feels the tears streak down his face. Opening his eye and looking up he notices Phillip is standing over him watching intently. “Your turn next Mr. Harris or should I say Cyclops!” Phillip quips as he pushes the needle into Xander’s forearm. Xander winces at the pain and watches in horror as the silver liquid gets injected into his arm. The needle is removed and Phillip wanders on to the last victim…

“Well I guess it’s Goodnight Gracie! STOP THAT XANDER! I will survive this. I will survive this! Shit, this crap burns!” Xander thinks as his survival instincts kicks in but he can’t help but stare in horror as the serum is turning his veins black. Xander struggles in the chains trying to get free but it just tires him out even more. He struggles to stay awake, and feels his eyes drooping. His thoughts are interrupted by Phillip who is now reading from some ancient scroll.

Oh Demon ársa an cheartais. Beannaigh na fir le do neart. Déan iad do airm chun siúl ar an talamh ar an ghrian agus sa moonlight.” Phillip chants.

“You have now been injected with a serum of vampire plasma. You may start to feel the effects as it starts to change every strand of your DNA. Once the serum is done you will feel a pull toward me as you’re Sire!”

“Bullshit I’d rather have Deadboy as my Sire than you!” Xander thinks angrily, “There is no way in hell I’d choose the megalomaniac behind door number three. Think Xander who would be a better Sire?” is his last conscious thought before slipping into unconsciousness. If Phillip had been paying attention he’d heard Xander hiss “Sp…”

Translation of Gaelic: Oh ancient demon of justice. Bless these men with your strength. Make them your weapons to walk this land in the sun and in the moonlight

William the Poet

I Have Loved You For a Thousand Years (3/?)

Title: I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years (3/?)
Author: Annjej76
Rating: M
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss Whedon has that honor. I’m just taking the characters out for a joyride.
Synopsis: Xander gets turned into a vampire hybrid and gets shoved into another dimension. When he comes out he’s not the same. Will Spike be able to reach him or has he gone round the bend permanently?

The next night Spike heads over to the Hospital wing of the Slayer Compound to go visit Xander for the first time. After jumping through enough hoops at the main desk to set his fangs on edge and possibly signing about eight different forms a skittish young orderly lead him upstairs. As they get closer to what he gathers is Xander’s room he notices the orderly getting more and more nervous. Finally not being able to take it anymore Spike turns toward the small man.

“Will you stop it? You’re setting me on edge.” Spike snarls.

“Sorry sir. Mr. Bloody sir, it’s just I don’t like coming up here is all…” the man whimpers. Spike could hear the man’s heart doing a samba within his chest cavity and this only peaks his interest.

“Why?” Spike asks coming to a complete stop.

“Why what?” the orderly asks looking confused.

“Why are you so bloody scared of bein’ up here? Nothin’ up here except  you, me, the walls and carpet dating back to the 70’s.”

“It’s just that Mister Harris doesn’t like anyone visiting sir.”

“And why’s that?”

“Don’t know sir, he tends to growl and snarl at anyone who goes in. Even the kitchen crew refuses to come up. He’s thrown food at them, saying it tastes like nothing. Nobody knows what that means.”

Spike looks between the quivering mass of a human in front of him and down the hall. Sticking his hands in the pockets of his duster he nods.

“Right. Tell you what. You tell me which room this snarlin’ beast is in and then you can run on down to the others all safe as houses. I think I can find my way without an escort.”

“You sure? No one is allowed to be left alone with him. What if he hurts you?” The orderly says looking concerned about possibly leaving Spike alone with a crazed hybrid vampire.

“Look mate, I ‘ppreciate the sentiment but I can hold my own. Trust me.”

“You sure?” Spike nods and pointing down the hall says “Get!” Smiling the orderly turns and starts to walk away, turning he simply says “room 418 on the left.”

Spike watches as the man all but runs away and shaking his head in disgust turns and makes his way to Xander’s room.


Spike stands before the door to room 418 and contemplates whether to go in or not.

Before he has a chance to make up his mind the door opens and he’s faced with one Alexander Harris staring and studying him. Spike shifts under the intense gaze of Xander’s one brown eye and one eerie yellow one.

“You my new babysitter they sent?” Xander growls before turning and stalking back into the room.


“Hmmph…” Xander replies as he stalks over to the open window that overlooked the forest on the edge of the Slayer compound.

Spike follows quietly behind taking in the disarray of the room, there’s paper strewn about and pieces of what must have been lunch or dinner from the night before sticking to the walls in a Pollock design. What stood out to Spike as he eyes the room is a deck of cards set out with two hands of cards as if Xander is playing a game of Gin Rummy with someone.

“Don’t think you need a babysitter Pet, a housekeeper maybe” Spike mutters as his fingers land in a sticky substance on a side table.

“They keep sending me up substance but it’s all bland” Xander explains as he watches Spike stroll around his room.

“What makes it bland?” Spike asks perching himself on the edge of the bed.

“It all tastes like dust. I’m HUNGRY!” Xander replies as he slowly walks toward Spike.

Spike sits still and waits as he wants to see what Xander would do. Xander stops in front of Spike and leaning down presses his nose to Spike’s neck right below his right ear.

If Spike had a heart beat it would be beating like a drum. Instead he keeps his facial features neutral as to not spook the young man.

“Mmmm….” Xander hums.

Standing back up Xander sways back and forth his eyes closed.  Opening them he looks down at Spike in wonder.

“You don’t smell like the other pink metallics why?”

“Pink Metallics? That some new rock band I haven’t heard of?” Spike asks clearly confused.

“THEM!” Xander explodes suddenly pointing toward the door. “They are all pink and smell like….like..THIS” Xander says holding up a fork triumphantly.

“They smell like silverware?”

“No. They smell like what this is made of. That and they smell like the small creatures I lived off of. I’d skin them and their juices would run. They smell like that.”

“You mean blood. They smell like blood? Bloody hell, of course they would. I’m sure you can also hear them as well?”

Xander nods and walking over to the window goes still. “You’re different than them. You can stay. Now we must be quiet…” He says staring out the window.

Something prickles at the back of Spike’s neck watching Xander. He’s staring out at something in the dark that only he can see.

Standing up and walking over he stands next to Xander and looks out the window into the inky blackness. Whatever is out there, Xander is the only one who can see it.

“What do you see?” Spike asks.

Xander turns to him in full game face and simply replies “We must be quiet, Mother is sleeping.”

“Right. Don’t want to wake Mother do we?” Spike mutters.

“We must be quiet, the monsters will hear…and HE will get angry.” Xander states before going quiet.

“Right.” Spike says pulling out his cellphone and hitting redial gets Buffy on the first ring.

“What is it Spike?”

“Buffy listen, I’m up here with Xander and he’s rambling and staring out at the forest on the East side and says there’s monsters’ watching. Can you do a quick sweep and let me know if you find anything? Might be nothing but better to be safe than sorry right?” Spike explains.

“He’s talking? Of course he is, stupid me. He’s got you rattled pretty good though. From what Giles says he’s good at that. Okay I’ll take a few girls and weapons and let you know what we find.” Buffy replies.

“Thanks Buffy, I ‘prreciate it.”

Shutting the phone he puts it in his dusters pocket and walks back over to Xander. Standing next to him watching the small figures of Buffy and a four other Slayers head off to the woods and disappearing into the trees.

Xander sees Buffy and the other Slayers and turning goes over to his corner and sliding down goes into his normal position of arms wrapped around his knees.

“Xander?” Spike asks. Xander keeps staring straight ahead. Noticing he gets no response, Spike goes and grabs a chair sitting down he waits for word from Buffy.

“Guess all we can do now is wait…” Spike mutters into the quiet.

William the Poet

I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years (2/?)

Title: I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years

Author: Annjej76

Rating: M

Pairing: Xander/Spike

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss Whedon has that honor. I’m just taking the characters out for a joyride.

Synopsis: Xander gets turned into a vampire hybrid and gets shoved into another dimension. When he comes out he’s not the same. Will Spike be able to reach him or has he gone round the bend permanently?


“His vitals have finally stabilized” Dr. Simmons said staring at Xander’s chart, “I believe it’s now safe to wake him up.”


It took a few weeks for Xander to get accustomed to modern technology again. He didn’t seem to understand electricity and how it worked and had tried sticking a fork into more than one electrical outlet. Xander also tried to start a small bonfire in his bedroom to keep warm a few times until he was explained in great detail about central heating. For the most part Xander sat in his room curled up, head resting on his knees against the far corner staring at the door to make sure no monsters came to get him. Anyone who came to visit he’d just stare at and not respond.

Each morning when the Doctors went in to check on Xander they found him curled up on the floor against the same far corner in the fetal position facing the door with his yellow eye open. The first time they had gone in Xander had almost attacked them snarling and in full game face. Once they explained who they were he’d calmed down enough to be cooperative with their requests.

Giles had tried to slowly reintroduce the girls to Xander but he didn’t seem to remember them at all. To not scare them about his new eye they were able to convince him to wear his eye patch again. The only one of the girls he’d seem to recognize briefly was Willow. When Giles asked him who she was, he’d gone over to the table where his occupational therapist had left some crayons and brought over the yellow one and held it out to her. Willow dissolved into tears and turning buried her head against Giles’ chest, muffling her sobs.

Xander looked at the crayon and at the girl crying confused.

Willow turned and gave a watery smile and taking the crayon from Xander she slipped it into her pocket and gave a small wave as Giles led her out.

Xander stood staring at the door as it closed. “Why can’t I remember any of them? William help me!” he cried mentally and walking over took his place in the corner to keep watch.


Spike and Angel sauntered in to the mandatory meeting Giles had set up to discuss the “Xander Issue” and taking a seat they waited while Giles got off the phone.

“Yes, thank you Dr. Simmons for the update. I’ll see what we can do to help him acclimate. Talk to you later. Good night.” Hanging up he slipped his cell phone in his shirt pocket. Spike and Angel could tell whatever the good Doctor had said had rattled the poor Watcher to his core.

“What’s the prognosis on the whelp?” Spike asked cutting the tension that was building to a feverous pitch.

“Not good at all Spike. That’s why I asked both you and Angel to attend” Giles said taking off his glasses and polishing them.

“Is Xander okay?” Dawn asked casting worried glances between the three men.

Replacing his glasses, Giles took a breath to calm himself before responding “Xander is in perfect health physically. Unfortunately mentally he’s…” Giles started, before Spike interrupted with “barmy as Dru?”

“SPIKE!” Buffy and Willow cried.

“No…no…no, it’s alright. Spike is quite right, unfortunately apparently today during his therapy session he was asked what day it was. Xander replied with ‘May 4th, 1879.’ For whatever reason Xander believes he’s in the 1800’s.”

“How do we help him?” Buffy asked.

“We don’t” Giles began.

“WHAT?!?!” Buffy cried, “Buffy, please do calm down. What I meant is those of us who were born in the 1900’s cannot help Xander right now” Giles said turning to Buffy.

“Oh, why didn’t you say so?” Buffy replied.

“I was about to before I was interrupted. That’s why I asked Angel and Spike to be here” Giles explained, “Angel and Spike are the only two who were alive…er…undead during that timeframe. They can get a good sense of what Xander is experiencing and report back if it is real or delusions and visual hallucinations.”

“So we’re on whelp babysitting duty then?” Spike replied kicking his feet up on the table.

“In a manner of speaking yes, but also I need you to help him understand modern technology, oh and Spike?”


“Please do get your feet off the table” Giles said sternly.

Spike smirked but did what Giles asked. Dawn tried to hide her giggles in a coughing fit.

“Spike and I will discuss how to go about helping Xander and we’ll let you know what we decide” Angel said as he stood up. Spike looked between the two and shrugging got up and followed Angel without so much as a “Whatever you say Peaches” his duster flapping behind him.


Angel and Spike sat in the back booth of a dive demon bar both swirling scotch around in their tumblers.

“So how do we even begin to handle this?” Angel asked leaning back.

“Hell if I know Peaches. Neither of us are on the whelp’s ‘Most Loved Vampire’ list” Spike responded staring down at his glass.

“There is that, Buffy mentioned that he didn’t respond to any of them except Willow and only then to hand her a yellow crayon. Wonder what kind of reception we’ll get.”

“Don’t know mate, but as long as it’s not the pointy end of a stick I’ll think we’ll survive.”

“You want to go first Spike? You and Xander seemed to get along a bit better after I left than I did” Angel said raising the glass to his lips and taking a sip.

"Sure, what the hell. I dealt with Dru’s ramblings for over a century I doubt anything Xander throws at me will be worse.”

“I hope you’re right Spike” Angel said with a sigh.

“You and me both.”


William the Poet

I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years (1/?)

Title: I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years

Author: Annjej76

Rating: M

Pairing: Xander/Spike

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss Whedon has that honor. I’m just taking the characters out for a joyride.

Synopsis: Xander gets turned into a vampire hybrid and gets shoved into another dimension. When he comes out he’s not the same. Will Spike be able to reach him or has he gone round the bend permanently?


“You miserable lowlife! How dare you! You were to choose ME as your Sire. The others are dead all because of you!” the rogue Watcher Phillip LaMond yelled as he grabbed Xander by the collar of his shirt and shook him furiously.

“What can I say? I’ve never been good at following directions” Xander quipped between bone rattling shakes.

Xander stole a glance at the other four men who had been chained to the floor in a pentagram formation and shuddered. All of them were indeed dead. The injection of vampire serum had caused foam at the mouth and their faces contorted in grimaces of horror. “So how did I manage to survive?” Xander thought. He was brought out of his inner turmoil at the horror around him by Phillip muttering a spell under his breath.

A blinding light flashed through the auditorium and there shimmering in front of Xander stood a portal surrounded by purple lightening. On the other side stood a stark moon like landscape that made Mad Max look like Disneyland.

“You can’t do this! Buffy will kill you when she finds out…” Xander yelled as he struggled to get free of Phillip’s tight grip.

Laughing menacingly Phillip raised a hand and patted Xander on the cheek. Xander grimaced at the touch.

“You poor delusional boy! How is she ever going to find out if I’m not going to tell her?” Phillip said smugly.

Xander’s eye opened wide with shock at this, “why hadn’t I thought of that? Think Xander! How are you going to get out of this?” Xander thought frantically, a voice in his head simply said “Get mad!” Xander felt his anger at the situation rise within him until he was seeing red.

Xander felt his face shift for the first time ever as he tried to ripped Phillip’s fingers from his shirt. “LET ME GO!” He roared. He was able to get a right hook in before Phillip did a roundhouse kick connecting with Xander’s sternum. Xander reeled back and felt himself fall backwards.

“OH SHIT!” Xander thought as he landed on his back looking up at the portal. He saw Phillip giving him a fake wave.

“Ta Ta! Have fun in Hell” Phillip said as the portal winked out of sight leaving Xander alone and afraid in a dirty uninhabited dimension, or so he thought.


When Buffy and Willow found out what Phillip had done they made sure they made his suffering last before the Watcher Council came and took him away to be locked up for murder. When Rupert had seen the bodies of the four young Watchers he felt nausea at what Phillip had tried to do. “Day Walkers…is it even possible?” He thought as he threw himself into his library researching everything he could on the subject. At Phillip’s tribunal they led Phillip by Rupert and he had gotten in a few blows. During the trial it was revealed that Alexander Harris had been an unwilling victim yet try as the Watcher Council could Phillip never did reveal what Xander’s fate had been.

As time went on, Buffy and the gang came to the sad realization that Xander was for all intents and purposes dead since all of Willow’s locator spells came up empty. Spike and Angel took turns trying to console Buffy and Dawn at the news. Willow kept trying to locate him but the small flickering green light just sat there and never moved.

Willow tried every locator spell she could and the others became alarmed when her hair started turning black as she started slipping back into her dark magic to find him. There was a strong fear that Willow would go dark and try to tear apart the walls of every dimension to find her childhood friend. Nobody knows what Giles said to her but they know he was there and caught Willow as she fell to the ground screaming in mourning. That was the day the Weeping Willow tree appeared.

Since there was no body to bury. A simple black tombstone was placed on a hill overlooking the Slayer Compound in Sussex. Willow placed a bouquet of yellow crayons on the grave and would go up and talk to him when she felt lonely. It was a magnificent black obelisk and it sat as a sentinel beneath the large weeping Willow. The inscription on the base simply said “Alexander Lavelle Harris-He was loved by all.”


365 days later…

It was midnight when a shimmering purple portal opened next to the tombstone and a ragged warrior who looked remarkably like Xander Harris tumbled out onto the grass.

“Look William! We landed somewhere new. I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore” Xander said giggling to the empty air. He patted the grass and felt the strands run through his dirty calloused hands.

Looking around he took in deep breathes, relishing the clean air.

“Oh how I’ve missed clean air. No rotting bodies eh William?” Xander said looking around noticing the gravestone. Wandering over and kneeling down, “Alexander Lavelle Harris- He was loved by all. I’ve heard that name somewhere before. Wonder who he is.” shrugging he slowly made his way down the hill toward the Slayer Compound.

Staring at the massive wood door Xander felt something he hadn’t for a very long time. Fear. Feeling faint from lack of food, he raised his hand and rapped three times on the door. He heard movement inside and the door slowly opened.

Before Xander could speak his lack of food and the shock of landing somewhere new crashed down upon him. He didn’t hear Dawn screaming his name as he fell into unconsciousness.


“That’s impossible!” Giles exclaimed as he stared at the young powerful Mage Aurora. The young blonde stood defiantly in front of Rupert Giles.

“I’m sorry, but my readings never lie. That young man is over a thousand years old” she replied as she watched Giles pace back and forth.


“I don’t know, all I know is he’s not completely human. Maybe the vampire serum he was injected with helped him survive?” Aurora asked.

“Possibly, we don’t know what the effects are of the experiment Phillip performed or how dangerous Xander might be. I’ll make preparations to keep him under observation so we can assess his mental state.” Giles said turning toward the glass window and watching a cleaned up Xander sleep peacefully in a magically induced coma so he can get the nutrients he desperately needed and make sure all his vitals are in proper working order.

“Please keep me posted. I forwarded the directions on how to bring him out of the coma to your e-mail. Please contact me if there are any questions or concerns.”

Placing a hand on Aurora’s shoulder he squeezed gently, “You’ll be the first to know. Thank you again Aurora and please give my best to your mother.”

Nodding, she turned and walked away. Giles turned back to the window and lost track of time before a voice spoke next to him.

“Any change?”

Giles glanced over and saw Buffy standing there arms wrapped around herself.

Placing a hand on her shoulder they stood there quietly.

“No change. Aurora just finished her assessment. He was in the other dimension for over a thousand years. I’m afraid when he wakes up, he won’t be the same Xander we knew.”

Nodding, Buffy raised a clenched fist and wiped a stray tear from her eyes.

“I’ll let the others know. We’ll give him all the time he needs. We’re just happy he’s back.” Buffy replied giving Giles a side hug before heading back toward the sleeping quarters. Her head bowed and arms wrapped tightly around herself. He watched as Spike walked up and said some quiet words. Buffy shook her head and Spike glanced his way. “Take care of them” was silently communicated and Spike gave a stiff nod and turning followed Buffy down the hall.