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Rant on "Bones"

My Rant on Bones…from a new viewer:


Okay, I just literally started watching this show two weeks ago and I already have issues with the show.


First, what I like.


I LOVE Hodgins I love the character, he’s snarky, fun, angry at times, and just a really well rounded character. Also it doesn’t hurt that T.J. Thyne is PURE eye candy. Could his eyes get any bluer???? I digress.


I also love Angela. I think she’s a well rounded character as well. I love how she interacts with everyone with compassion, understanding and is just fun to watch. I really care about her character.


I also love Cam and Booth both are well rounded characters which make me care for what happens to them. The writers seem to be on the ball on these characters. Not too much drama in their lives but just enough for me to go “ohh…I hope they are able to deal with this issue.”


What I don’t like:


I absolutely detest how the writers have written Brennan. Here’s my beef, I want to see some growth, anything. No one is THAT logical and unfeeling unless they’re Spock from Star Trek. She’s cold, detached from her colleagues, and has trouble relating to anyone including Booth, and has absolutely no sense of humor or cultural references. I’d like to see her grow, show her dark side, everyone has one. Show me something that will make me care about her as a character. As long as that something I see doesn’t have to do with her family. If I never see her father or brother again it will be a day too soon. I know they tried to make us feel for her father by the having Temperance watch a video of her mother crying saying “Trust your Father, he’s a good man.” I wanted to scream at the television, “NO he’s a criminal and so are you!!!” Then Russ runs off with her father and at that moment I lost all interest in her family dynamics. One of the few times she showed growth was with her relationship to Sully until they had him sail off into the horizon. I personally don’t want to see her hook up with Booth. Not because I think it’s jumping the shark, but because I think she’s no where near a place growth wise to have a relationship with him sexual or otherwise. They are barely “partners” from what I’ve seen. He’s giving and giving and giving and we get little if nothing on her part, except some random comment on cultural situations in Zimbabwe or some remote location, yet I’m supposed to laugh when she tells some lame joke a 6 year old would tell. PUH-LEASE!!!!


Second: I know I’m going to get flamed for this, but I can’t stand Zach. I know people love him but as a new viewer of the show, he’s pretentious, obnoxious and just as cold, and unfeeling at Brennan. He’s completely oblivious to the outside world and seems to live in a bubble called “the Jeffersonian”. Hell, Greg on CSI knew there was a world outside of the lab and wanted to go see it. Sending Zach off to Iraq was weird and completely took me by surprise only for him to come back just the same as he was before. Only change now after he left he has a buzz cut. YAWN!!!!


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