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Walking up the stairs Penny stopped and listened to the singing coming from inside her neighbor’s apartment. She smiled when she realized the person singing was Raj. Seemed the boys were playing Rock Band, and she had to admit Raj could really sing. She didn’t mean it when she said their sound was a cat stuck in a blender, she just had a headache after a long day.


Maybe she’d invite the guys out for Karaoke and drinks, just so she could really hear Raj’s voice. Smiling she thought maybe living next to geniuses wasn’t a bad thing after all.




Penny was impressed with herself; she had taken up singing lessons. She knew Leonard and Sheldon had lied when she had stepped in to sing “Rent.” Granted she had a long way to go. She wanted to surprise Sheldon with a thank you after he helped her with her business venture. Her instructor had even complimented her on her singing. Apparently it was something Mr. Starkey didn’t do very often. She had even made her instructor laugh when he asked for her to sing a song to warm up and she sang “Warm Kitty.” Yes, she was definitely enjoying life.




Penny was frustrated. Okay, that was an understatement she was seething with anger. She was trying to help out with Rock Band. Really, how hard was it? Apparently according to Sheldon she lacked rhythm, timing, coordination, or vocal abilities. She was about three seconds away from telling Sheldon where to shove his Wii. Then he did something completely out of left field, he smiled and thanked her.


“What? Do I have something between my teeth?” she asked.


“No, I just wanted to thank you for participating in Wii night. Since Howard couldn’t participate due to having the flu.” He replied.





“You have to admit she sings better than my mother,” Leonard said turning to Raj who nodded in agreement.


“I don’t see what your issue is with your mother’s singing ability she has great range and versatility” Sheldon said sipping his diet coke.


“That may be the case, but after she insulted Raj and myself she is as of now permanently on my black list.” Howard said turning back to the stage to watch Penny perform as he winced in pain as she hit a high note belting out “Opps I Did It Again by Brittany Spears” while dancing wildly.


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