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Scars and Bars 1/?

Title: Scars and Bars
Author: Annje
Words: 2847
Fandom: Buffy/Doctor Who
Pairing: Buffy/OC


Chapter 1


Cleveland 2007: Buffy POV


The war between Slayers and Vampires was finally over for all of eternity and in the end we won, but at such a great cost. I stand here upon a hill looking down over the vast battlefield, my jacket billowing behind me in the wind. I’m too numb to feel the cold. I drop my scythe to the ground; I don’t even feel it leave my grasp. Looking down I see broken bodies are strewn everywhere, mini fires burn orange against the darkness of night; all the mini-Slayers are dead. Hell, everyone is dead. Everyone except me, yet again I’m the one left standing. It all came down to the final plan, we had tried plans A-Z and this was it. If the Super-Vamps got up on land from the hellmouths around the world then I was to push a button in the compound which would electrocute them all back to the hell dimension they came Only problem was it not only electrocuted them along with all vampires around the world. It instantly killing anyone who fought them closing all the hellmouths permanently for eternity. I, Buffy Summers did it; I rid the earth of vampires, forever. Looking down from where I stand, I’m unsure if in the end it was worth it.

They all told me before the battle they were ready to die to protect earth, but I just hope and pray they meant it. Looking down at the scorched earth I feel utterly alone in the universe and it scares me to my very core. I don’t like the feeling of being alone, I try to shake off the familiar feeling it brings but it won’t go away. I swear I hear words being whispered on the air. I just wish I could make them out.


Time War


Looking down through empty eyes I can make out the fallen bodies of Giles, Willow, Xander, Faith and even Dawnie. I’m the last standing survivor. I’m the last Slayer, and this utterly sucks. I hope they are all at peace, enjoying it for me while I’m stuck here in hell.


I reach into the pocket of my black leather trench coat I wear in memory of Spike. The black jacket just feels right against my skin; it swirls and dances around me as I slash my way through mongrel hordes of demon scum. God, how I could use Spike’s banter right about now, or his calming presence to help me jolt back to reality… I find my old watch, its nothing special. It’s just an old metal pocket watch that has been handed down in my family. One little bit of home I took with me from Sunnydale before it got sucked into a crater. I look down at it and finger the familiar swirling circular design on the top. It doesn’t work but I keep it on me for….I just can’t remember… Shrugging I put it back into my pocket and look up at the night sky. I miss lying back staring into the inky darkness of night with dots of light twinkling down at me. If I had time I’d study the stars and name them. I always loved the stars and space but that was before...




 I sit down on the soggy grass and look out upon the battlefield. To tired to care. I want to end it all. I can feel the Slayer in me slowly taking over wanting me to sleep. I feel my control slipping away and I start to let go. I just don't care anymore. I see gold swirling in the darkness calling to me in my peripheral vision. I’m so lost in my dark thoughts that I don’t hear the weird whirling/grinding sound behind me, or feel the wind that blows my hair around me like a halo. I hear a door creak open and I hear the two individuals walk up right behind me.


“What the hell happened here Doc?”


“I don’t know Jack, the TARDIS locked onto a distress signal. Seems we’re too late. Looks like a terrible battle took place wherever we are. According to the coordinates we are in Cleveland, Ohio in the year 2007 I don’t see any survivors do you Jack?”


“Hey, Doc! Looks like we have a survivor right over here.” Walking over and kneeling down, “Hi! I’m Captain Jack Harkness and who are you?”


I glance over and our eyes meet. He seems nice for a human but all I hear in the emptiness of time and space are the continuous screams of the fallen dead. I feel my lips move,you and me both. I just can’t hear what I’m saying. The Slayer has complete control now. He’s glancing back at whoever this Doc is. I just hope they’ll do what I ask. I can hear a few words before I fall into the darkness, consumed by swirling dark with gold flecks around me.


“There was a war here. All the bodies strewn about are the ones who died in battle. I am all that is left. I am the Slayer. The girl you see in front of you is in severe battle shock and I have taken over her. She was never meant to become a Slayer. Fate it seems had other ideas. She has lost everyone she cares about. Five years ago we activated all the potential Slayers with the scythe she carries. They all fought today and died honorably, that is all but me. I am the last of the Slayer line. I was to be the last defense; I had to kill everyone to save the world from a great foe.”


Glancing at  the man named Jack I see him look over to the Doctor, their eyes meet and nodding let me continue.

“All other plans had failed, we tried everything. In the end it was this girl and she had to sacrifice all her friends and family to save the world ridding it of an enemy so great that if we failed everyone would have died. She is all alone and even now as the screams echo in my head I hear her. She wants to die, to rest, to sleep eternally and be with her loved ones but that destiny is not for her. She will forge onward. So as the Slayer I command you. Protect her, please, protect her with your lives.” Closing her eyes, the world ceased to be and all the Slayer wanted was...



Her body slumps to the ground and Jack instinctively scoops her up into his embrace. He holds her close to his body amazed that she is light as a feather. He looks out upon the battlefield and then down at the girl in his arms. He notices the cuts and bruises that seem to cover her entire body. Jack looked back to the Doctor whose brown eyes were blazing at the sight before him. His lips pursed in a thin line. Jack can see he’s reliving his past during the Time War. The Slayers words cut him to the core opening old wounds that were still not quite healed over. He looks at Jack and nods curtly. Jack walks past him, carrying the small woman into the TARDIS. The Doctor looks around and shoving his hands into the pockets of his overcoat. He stands still looking up to the stars and offering a silent prayer to Rassillion or any other supreme being that could hear him. Looking back down at the dead the Doctor leans down and picks up the scythe and the bag next to it and without looking back walks back into the TARDIS.


“Jack? Where are you?” The Doctor calls out as he slings his coat over a support beam. He leans the scythe against the wall along with the bag near the door. Making sure he locks the door of the TARDIS and running around the console sending it into the vortex before going and seeing how Jack and their new companion were. Walking through the halls of the TARDIS the Doctor feels the ship nudging him toward the med bay.


Walking in he sees Jack has taken her trench coat off and neatly folded it on a chair. He’s looking down at her sleeping form checking for broken bones, and internal injuries. Her face is pale and her skin is yellow with bruises. Her lips are torn in spots and so are her clothes. She has patches of dried blood around some of the tears in her top. Looking up he meets the Doctor’s gaze and the Doctor walks over to examine her he notices Jacks worried expression.


“It’s the weirdest thing, Doc. All her injuries are healing at an accelerated rate. I’ve sat here watching, her bruises are disappearing, they seem to be getting lighter, and lighter. Its like her internal body is healing itself.”


“Let me see,” the Doctor says taking out his sonic screwdriver and doing a scan of Buffy as she lay there. “Your right Jack, her healing rate is 80% faster than that of a regular human. Her blood temperature is lower than most humans as well. Slight accelerated heart rate as well. Very strange, very strange indeed. Stay here Jack, and if she wakes up come get me. I’m going to go research what a Slayer is.”


Quirking an eyebrow, “You don’t know what a Slayer is. That does not bode well Doc. I thought you knew everything.”


“Yeah, laugh it up Jack. I’ll be back in a tick with information. I doubt she’s evil but better to be safe than sorry yeah?”


“Good thinking, I’ll be here keeping watch.” Jack pulled a chair over and taking Buffy’s hand held it watching her heal while she slept.


Nodding the Doctor slipped out of the med bay and made his way to the library. Looking back at the small girl who was known only as Slayer, Jack pushed a few stray hairs back from her forehead and looked at her youthful face.


“I saw into your soul and you’ve seen too much pain, too early in life. I’ve seen that look before. Soldiers back from war and completely shell shocked and numb. I promise you, I’ll help you find your way back to peace again and try to bring light back into your eyes. Your inner Slayer told us to protect you. I swear to you, I’ll do just that. You’ll never have to fight the darkness alone again” rubbing the back of his neck Jack stood and paced the med bay looking down at her on each pass.


The Doctor came in with a huge brown book with the word Vampyr on the cover. He started to flip through the pages.


“Want to hear a bedtime story Jack?” The Doctor asked flipping to the section on Slayers.


“Ready when you are Doc, let me get comfy…Ok ready when you are...” Jack said crossing his arms and leaning back in his chair.


“Once upon a time…” The Doctor started and noticing Jack’s quirked eyebrow and putting on his glasses, clearing his throat began again this time becoming more serious. “Into each generation a girl is born, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill needed to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness, stopping the swell of their numbers and the spread of their evil. She is the Slayer…”


Remember! You have to Remember!


For hours the Doctor and Jack read through the book and learned as much as they could about their charge and what she has been through. It seems that fate had sent them someone to heal and help just as she was to help and heal them as well.


Neither Jack nor the Doctor noticed Buffy’s breathing becoming a bit more erratic as she listened to them talk about the Slayer and her duties. She had always tuned out Giles but now, it was comforting hearing the tale read. God she missed Giles and his prattling, and taking off his glasses and cleaning them. Willow would be sitting there in rapt attention, and Xander would be making off handed comments about the newest threat and then call Giles G-Man. Anya would make some comment about orgasm buddies and how her sex life was with Xander, Faith would be all five by five, and Dawnie…"Oh God, it hurts, it hurts, I’ll never see them any of them again." A few stray tears leaked out running down her cheeks.


“It’ll be ok, child. Relax.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m the TARDIS, and I’ll keep you safe.”

“It hurts, my chest hurts, I'll never see them again…help me!!”

“Sleep, child. You are being watched over. You are safe, you are under my protection. So sleep.”


Falling through the darkness that consumed her once again, she fell through the swirling golden light and found herself standing on a strange planet. Looking around she felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland who happened to fall down the rabbit hole. The grass was blood red, there were two suns in the sky, and she was pretty certain that the two mountains were called Solace and Solitude even though she never saw them before. The trees were silver and it was breathtaking and bizarre at the same time. Looking around she walked the paths, which lead to the Citadel. There by the fountain in the square was Willow dressed in a beautiful red dress that just fit into the surroundings. She sat there basking in the rays of the two suns. Standing there the vision of her friend in full health made her chest constrict and the name come out ragged.


“Willow?!” her voice getting choked in her throat as tears threatened to fall. Looking up and beaming at Buffy, Willow ran to her friend and hugged her.


“H..How?” Buffy asked as tears fell freely as she pulled away holding her best friends hands in her own.


“Don’t know exactly you’re the one who brought me here” Willow said walking over and patting the space next to her for Buffy to sit down.


“What do you mean I brought you here?” Buffy started to panic at the thought of tearing Willow out of heaven.


Sensing what Buffy was thinking, smiled and shook her head. “Oh, don’t go all broody Buffy, yes you brought me here but I wanted to come. Giles pulled a few strings with the PTB and here I am.  Seems the PTB owe you big and you should have seen Giles go all "grr" on them."

Squeezing Willows hand and taking in her surroundings, “Did you choose this strange place or did I?”


Looking around Willow smirked, “You tell me?”


“I don’t remember! Should I remember this place, it feels important but I don’t know! Where is everyone are we the only two here? Am I all alone?” Buffy said with panic starting to be evident in her voice. Willow reaching over and grasping Buffy by the shoulders made her look at Willow straight in the eye.


Taking a deep breath, “First, that’s the problem! You need to remember. All of this.” Waving her arm back and forth, “Second I don’t know where everyone is, again only you have those answers, and third, no, you are not alone!”


With that, Buffy’s eyes snapped open and she was back in the med bay on the TARDIS. Struggling to get up she felt a strong hand push her back down onto the table and searching for the owner, found familiar eyes looking down at her.


“Whoa, there honey, you are in no condition to get up and be moving around. You need rest.” Jack said with concern.


“Where am I?” Buffy said in a raspy voice, looking around at her surroundings for the first time.


“Your currently in the med bay of the TARDIS, it’s a ship. The Doctor and I found you, you were hurt pretty badly. Do you remember what happened?”


Looking at Buffy, Jack couldn’t help but notice her jaw clenching and her eyes go dark filling with unshed tears. She nodded curtly to the question.


“Ok, do you have a name? All you said was that you were a Slayer…” Her eyes snapped to Jack’s at the mention of that title.


Nodding weakly, tears starting to roll down her cheeks, and reaching up to wipe them away, whispered softly “Buffy.”


“What was that? I couldn’t quite make that out. If you don’t want to tell me its okay” Jack said scooting his chair over to the bedside and sitting down.


“I said my name is Buffy” looking away and up at the ceiling.


“Well Buffy, I’m Jack it’s nice to meet you. Try and get some more rest okay, we’ll talk later. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere.”


Nodding and resigning to the fact she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon and thinking she should probably sleep. Closing her eyes she let sleep consume her, but in the back of her mind she was thinking of the dream with Willow and wondering what it was she had to remember. Truth is she wasn’t sure she wanted to remember anything.



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