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Luck Be a Lady Tonight 1/1

Title: Luck Be A Lady Tonight
Author: Annjej76
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny
Word Count: Approx. 294.
Prompt: One shot/ Future  

     He didn’t know how he became so very, very lucky the statistics of being this lucky were astronomical. If someone would have asked him 2 years ago if he’d ever fall in love, he’d say he didn’t have the time. His excuse back then had been his work; looking back he realized that in reality his work wasn’t that important. What was important he found out was his beautiful wife Penny in front of him bringing their daughter into the world. He had practiced the breathing techniques and the coaching so he’d have them down pat for this very moment. He just hadn’t expected for all the information to instantly leave his head as he became overwhelmed with emotion at the sight before him.

      When asked later what he remembered of that blessed moment he’ll say he can't recall what had happened or what he had felt. She does though. Because as their daughter let out a wail to let the world and her grateful parents know she had arrived. Penny made eye contact with Sheldon only to find him moving his mouth like a fish out of water with tears streaming down his face. When he made eye contact with her he instantly went to her side and reaching down scooped her up and held on for dear life sobbing in happiness.

      In the moment the nurse placed little Sandra Rose Cooper into her arms she thought how very lucky she was. Had she not moved into Apartment 4B, she would have never met the love of her life. She instinctively knew that her daughter would have a better upbringing than she did. As Penny looked around the room at her beaming friends and Mary Cooper who had an arm around her son in a show of support, Penny knew that she was loved and nothing would ever take that feeling away from her. God help them if they tried, because Sheldon would tell them she'd go Junior Rodeo on their ass.

Tags: author: annjej76, prompt: future

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