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Murphy's Law times 12

Today officially sucks...

And as my ex would say "it sucks big furry rocks.." whatever that means.

Let's see...I slammed my face into a door I forgot I had semi closed and ended up biting my lip. I got dressed half asleep after a bad night of sleep due to my apartment neighbors slamming doors under their sinks at 3AM. I go out to my car in 14 degree weather which for Colorado is damn cold. I go to start my car and the battery had died. "Well shit" I say, and go in and call into work because I don't know how long its going to take to get this mess fixed.

I call my father and he comes over and jumps my car because I apparently don't have jumper cables in my car. I did in my little Corolla when I still had it, but not in my Grand Am. So I get over to Interstate Battery store and it takes the guy over an HOUR to try and figure out how to get my battery out and get the new one in. Apparently when the old battery was put in the guy who installed it, tightened the bolt too tightly and now its thread bare and won't come out. After 2 other guys tried the third guy finally gets my battery in and it starts like a dream.

What I need right now is a HOT bath to try and warm up my extremities that are still a bit frozen and a HUG. Could really use a good hug right now. Oh well.

Guess all I can do is laugh it off.


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