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So I'm totally psyched that there's a movie coming out in the BBC entitled "Lennon Naked" starring Christopher Eccelston as John. One of my favorite actors portraying one of my favorite musicians of all time.

I've been a fan of John's all my life. One of my earliest memories of a news broadcast that changed my life was the announcement that John Lennon had been assasinated. I remember sitting there not knowing who he was but knowing the images of people holding vigil was sad and even then I wanted to comfort them. I was 5 at the time. So when my father and I went to New York City two years ago, I had two places I wanted to visit on my mental list. One: Strawberry Fields the park that was built in his memory and to see "The Dakota" the apartment building near Central Park that John was killed right outside of so I could pay my respects.

I don't know why John Lennon has effected me so deeply. I love his energy and what he stood for later in life. Peace and Love and Harmony amongst human beings of all walks of life. Its an ideal, I know, but I wish that for people today. I'm tired of seeing people throw their religious beliefs down like a gauntlet in the face of huge tragedy. Pat Robertson of "The 700 Club" instead of praying for those who were buried alive or for the families of those killed in the earthquake in Haiti. Instead he made bizarre comments about how the Haitian people made a pact with the devil when fighting the French. Do you see what I mean? Just because people are on the left or the right politically or religiously they should put it aside and strive to help their fellow man. Its "Love your Neighbor as thyself." Its not hard. So when I look at pictures of John Lennon I see that ideal of peace. He wasn't perfect, I know that. I just wish we could all "just give Peace a chance."

Am now off to go donate to the efforts in Haiti. Those people need help and its my duty to help those in need.



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