February 18th, 2009

William the Poet

Annjej76 // The Geeks// one drabble

Title: Bacterial Conjunction
Author: Annje
Words: 100
Team: The Geeks

“I’m sorry Penny but the thermometer never lies” Sheldon said placing it down on the nightstand.


“I can’t be sick; I have an audition today that I can’t…cough…miss”


Reaching for a Kleenex she blew her nose loud enough Sheldon swore it could be heard three floors down.


Knowing he’d catch whatever she had, he decided to do something completely unexpected. He climbed in next to her, wrapped his arms around her and pressed her to his chest. She clung to him sniffling and coughing. He just rubbed her back and started to sing.


“Warm Kitty…”

She knew that she’d survive.