March 14th, 2009

William the Poet

Why I don't write fanfiction

I'm conflicted about my writing abilities. I think I write well, I tend to read over my work 10-20 times before posting. If it sounds like something I would enjoy then I post it. Only problem is I hate posting fanfiction.

I physically cringe each time I post a fanfic whether it's a drabble or a a 7 pager. I've had bad experiences of being racked over the coals because people hate the way I write specifically on So as a writer I figure "why bother?" I want to write the stories in my head, but if people are going to leave annoymous messages yelling at me then I figure my stories can stay in my head or on my hard drive of my computer.

I want people to enjoy my work, I do. I just wish when I ask for no flames that I wouldn't get some comment where someone is yelling at me because I made a mistake. GET OVER IT! It's a MISTAKE, it happens, grow up people. Geez.

Anyway, I'm just disillusioned. I know not everyone is going to like my work, that's fine, but why can't people be mature about their criticism? Are people that immature?

*Le sigh*

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Intrigue me!

annjej76// the geeks// one drabble

“What the hell is that sound?” Leonard asked walking into the apartment.


“Shhh….” Sheldon said without looking at him.


“Is this the theme to Doctor Who?”


“If you must ask, yes it is. It’s the theme song being played on two Tesla coils.” Sheldon said cracking one eye open to glare at Leonard for disturbing him.


“Tesla coils? Really?” Leonard asked walking to the kitchen to get a juice box.


“I happen to think its sounds better on a Tesla coil than it does on a synthesizer.”


“Just when I thought it couldn’t get any weirder here in the apartment.”