May 18th, 2010

Webgott 1 by Sanzina89

#12 Lace

Title: Lace
Author: Annjej76
Words: 100
Challenge: #12 Lace
Rating: T+
Pairing: Webster/Liebgott

“Hell no! I’m not wearing that!” Joe said with disdain as he looked at the outfit Webster held out for him.

“Please?” Webster pleaded.

“What part of 'hell no', didn’t you understand Harvard? I ain’t wearing that!”

Webster’s face fell as he placed the outfit on the bed.

“Okay Joe. I won’t ask again.”

“Just tell me why you want me to wear lacy lingerie.” Joe asked quirking an eyebrow at Webster.

“Because it turns me on and I’d screw you into next week if you wear it”  Webster said, his eyes lighting up

“Well why didn’t you say so.”