June 15th, 2010

Smiling Liebgott by Krystakills

Now I'm having Pacific Dreams

I must have Rami Malek on the brain.

Case in point.

This morning I had a dream about him.

He's standing in front of me, holding both of my hands and asks me three questions:

1. Are you gay or ever been gay? I answer no.

2. Are you taken? I answer no.

3. Do you like me? I answer yes.

He then tells me that he really likes me and wants to go steady. He then leans in and kisses me.

At this point I'm totally OMG!!!

Then I woke up.

I mean who wouldn't dream of this guy????

William the Poet

Writer's Block: Like a rolling stone

Which musicians of the last two decades have had the most lasting impact on music as we know it today?

Truth be told...Nobody.

Two musicians who influenced music the most were Freddie Mercury and John Lennon. Their influence is never ending.

But if you're looking for more recent musicians, I'd say Green Day, Blink 182, and Ok Go.