August 2nd, 2010

William the Poet

In My Pants Meme

Ok I forgot who exactly tagged me but I'm a bit late in doing this. Enjoy!

1. Daddy Sang Bass in my Pants-Johnny Cash
2. Time after Time in my Pants- Cindy Lauper
3. Waiting in my Pants-Scott Grimes
4. Red Rain in my Pants-Peter Gabriel
5. Eden in my Pants- Sarah Brightman
6. Route 66 in my Pants- The Manhattan Transfer
7. Don't You Forget about Me in my Pants- Simple Minds
8. Bright College Days in my Pants- Tom Lehrer
9. White Rabbit in my Pants- Blue Man Group
10. Lost in my Pants- Coldplay
11. Anytime, Anywhere in my Pants- Sarah Brightman
12. I Dreamed a Dream in my Pants- Susan Boyle
13. A Little Less Conversation in my Pants- Elvis Presley
14. So Good to See You in my Pants- Pink Freud
15. G.I. Jive in my Pants- Louis Jordan
16. Hazy Shade of Winter in my Pants- The Bangles
17. I Just Died in your Arms in my Pants- Cutting Crew
18. 19-2000 in my pants- Gorrilaz
19. It Ain't Me, Babe in my Pants- Bob Dylan
20. Praise to the Lord Almighty in my Pants-Malcolm Hicks
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