August 28th, 2010

Luz is not amuzed by Krystakills

Bad Carbs!!! *Hits Carbs on nose with Newspaper*

So I've found out I have a freaking food allergy.

How bizarre is that? I've never been allergic to ANYTHING besides dust, grass, mold. You know the usuals. I've never been allergic to FOOD.

Apparently I have some sort of wheat allergy. Causes all kinds of nastiness, bad heartburn, coughing, stuffy head, depression to name a few. The reason I found this out was while on vacation I cut out pretty much all wheat products and my severe heartburn and I mean SEVERE (Zantac wouldn't touch it) went away and I felt clear headed and was able to sleep through the night.

Two nights ago I made a HUGE mistake. I had a Blue Moon beer. How was I to know it was a Wietbier made from fermented wheat?!?!?! What? Quick looking at me like that, I didn't know! I swear! :P

I'm finding it actually easy to cut out bread or at least wheat products.

I wonder what else I'm allergic to and didn't know it.