February 4th, 2011

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We Stand Alone Together (2/?)

Title: We Stand Alone Together (2/?)
Author: Annjej76
Rating: T will be M in future.
Word Count: 2687
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and in no way is to be disrespectful to the actual men of the P.I.R. 101st Airbourne Easy Company. This is based on the actor's portrayal's in the HBO mini-series "Band of Brothers."
Spoilers: This is a crossover opus I created, take Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Band of Brothers, and Office Space put it into a blender, hit puree and voila'!
Pairings: Winters/Nixon "Gibbons", Buffy/Spike, Dawn/Malarkey/, Dawn/Guarnere, Webster/Liebgott, Faith/Speirs
Author's Note: Sorry for jumping back and forth between locations, I'm setting up the story. From here on out, each chapter should alternate between LA and England.

(Chapter 1)
(Chapter 2)

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