May 21st, 2011

Luz is not amuzed by Krystakills

Seriously??? Really?

So today is the one year anniversary of my car getting plowed into and getting totally totaled. So I was wanting to go do something special with JC as its the one year anniversary of us meeting.

I was excited until he told me he's going to go see U2 tonight with one of the pilots he works with who he promised to go with a year ago. Bleah! :P

I mean WTF? Is everyone I know here in Denver going and seeing the fuckin' aging Irishmen? Seriously?! When was the last time they were in the top 20 on the radio?

I'm just pissed that I don't get to do something special tonight. Instead I'm by my lonesome. Thank God its not the End of the World or I'd look JC in the eye and say "Really, was U2 worth it? Instead of hanging out with me?" Dumbass!

Me'm not...or as Nix would say "Quit looking at me like that!"
Quit Looking at me like that by Sanzina8

Why I hate U2...

I used to like this band back in the 90's. Now, not so much. Here's why:

1. I feel they've lost touch with their homeland: I can only think of one album that dealt with Ireland and that's "Joshua Tree", specifically the song "Sunday Bloody Sunday" about the IRA. I can't tell you a song since that dealt with the conflicts of their homeland. I see Bono helping Africa, etc., but recently I haven't seen him helping his homeland. If he has point me in that direction....PLEASE!!!

2. I refuse to pay huge amounts of money to see a band who's last NEW album was U2 Pop. Seriously. All the albums since are covers or "Best of..." shit. I couldn't tell you the last time they had a top 10 hit here in the USA, if they did it sure didn't get much air time here in Denver, Colorado.

Sure they put on a GREAT show but I want to hear NEW music not their old stuff. Sure Bono is a philanthapist but I refuse to pay $100.00 a ticket to see a washed out band that jumped the shark fifteen years ago. The only reason people here in Denver are excited to see the band U2 is because of the name recognition. "I went to see U2..." has some clout.

I'm not bitter that all my friends on Facebook are all a twitter about going and seeing Bono and the Boys but seriously, think before you spend money on tickets. Ask yourself, what have they put out recently.

Bands/Artists I want to see are:

Bob Dylan
Mumford and Sons
Flogging Molly
Lady Gaga