June 11th, 2011

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Do Unto Others....

My heart hurts.

As many of you may or may not know, I'm very loyal to my friends. It takes A LOT for me to kick my friends to the curb. That being said, I'm in a quandry.

Recently I've been aware of two of my good friends from church having marital problems. My good friend "Jane" confessed to me that they were going through marital counseling and had seperated. This past Saturday I ran into Jane's husband "Bob" and we got to talking. Not once did I mention I knew what was going on. Well Jane had been very active at my church, in both worship team, and as a secretary in the front office.  So then I noticed she "disappeared" recently from church. I figured it was because she got a divorce and it was too hard for her being at church. I was WAY off.

Apparently my friend Jane had been seeing someone while she was seperated. One of my Pastor's confronted her on it and was given an ultimatum "either stop seeing the guy or you can't work here anymore." Fine, she was looking for a new job anyway as she wants to get back into Mental Health. What grieves me so is the fact that my so-called "Pastor" broke her confidentiality and revealed her affair to her parents before she had a chance to tell them. Now my friend Jane's parents have shut her out. My Pastor also called the guy she had been seeing and asked "You're going to stop seeing her right? You know this isn't the first time she's done this..." WTF? Apparently she made a mistake of sleeping with someone while in college while still married. I get that. I was young and stupid too.

My friend told me this all over lunch this week because she wanted me to hear it from her and not the gossip mill. Right now I'm Switzerland, I'm not taking a side in this situation whether Jane or Bob. I love both of them very much. What pisses me off is that my Pastor broke confidentiality and ruined a relationship between Jane and her parents.

This sucks on a HIGH level. I have a hard time trusting those in positions of power in the church. This just added a whole bunch of gasoline to the fire.

Excuse me while I go fume.....
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