April 27th, 2012

Flies Quote 1 by Sanzina89

One step forward....

So life has been pretty interesting lately.

First, I went from 1 cat to 2. I basically own the stray that J and I found on his doorstep. She's adorable but loves waking me up half an hour before my alarm with a chorus of "meow, meow, meow...meow!" I usually end up pushing her down onto the matress and going "shhhh...." She just looks at me with her big green eyes and is like "whatev!!!!"

The other cat is a a peach and not just because her name is 'Peaches.' She just sleeps all day, what else is she going to do she's 16.

J and I are working through our stuff. Were not dating per se but we're still kissing and hanging out. Just not sleeping together. It's weird but I'm okay with where we are. It's nice.

I'm also now obsessed with BBC Sherlock and am in the process of writing the first chapter of a BTVS/Sherlock crossover where Xander is Sherlock's son. His nickname is "the boy who sees..." It makes perfect sense in my head and I can't wait to write it all down. Damn plot bunnies...Laying perfectly round turd specimens!!!

Anyways that's all that's new in my world. I basically just surfing my favorite fandoms right now and haven't had the patience to write anything until now.

Hope you all are GREAT!!!!!! *said as Tony the Tiger*

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