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Day 2: My Favorite Movie

Ok, so this is a tough one because I'm a HUGE film buff. So I'm going to probably go with a film that helped save my life back in Elementary School. So this is going to get deep and I apologize for that, but to answer this one truthfully you need to know a bit about my past.

So growing up, I was always the quiet kid, the nerdy kid, the sweet kid who just tried to survive school. Apparently some girls at school decided to make me the scapegoat my 6th grade year for all their issues. I had a very lonely existance that year due to anyone trying to be my friend was labeled a "nerd". It was a tough existance and I only had 3 people who stood up to those girls and stood by my side. I also had really disturbing thoughts about hurting my classmates. Thankfully I never acted on those thoughts but I know how kids feel who are bullied and then take a gun to school to get even. Its a dark, dark, scary place mentally. So needless to say I was very lonely. Then one day I saw this film, and I literally cried at the end because I finally felt that I wasn't alone in the world and that others have gone through the exact same thing even as adults.

So yeah, this is the film that saved my life, I present the Talent Portion of "Revenge of the Nerds."




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