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Welcome to my Stable you Pretties...

I have a stable, if only in my mind. I started a blog on called "My Stableboys". It's complete crack, but I add any actor or journalist, whoever that I find extremely attractive. I've recently been adding A LOT of the actors from "Band of Brothers." Then I saw this picture on one of the other communities I'm a member of here on Livejournal. I said "HOLY SHIT!" This photo contains a HUGE majority of the men I found/and still find attractive from BoB.

Here it is:

Let's just say I had a field day when I saw this. Here are my Easy Boys at the premiere of "The Pacific." I might just add this photo to my other blog as "if he's in the photo, I damn well find him sexy." Just look at Frank John Hughes..Never thought glasses and a shaved head would make a sexy Guarnere. LOL. Who knew?!?!
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