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The Oscars: The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly

First off: The Opening Montage, loved Neil Patrick Harris' dance number very Buzz Berkley/1940's. As for Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin all I can say is the experiment of two hosts blew up on the lauch pad. I felt most of the jokes fell flat, and it went on FOREVER! GO back to one host Oscars, PLEASE!

Ok first Fugly award for worst dress goes to Myley Cyrus with her bra/dress combo. WTF was that? Wear a real dress young lady.

John Hughes Tribute: OMG the Breakfast Club and Jon Cryer= Epic Win and Tears for me. I grew up on Breakfast Club and it brings back lots of good memories from my childhood.

Second Fugly dress award goes to Zoe Sandana from Star Trek for her "Purple People Eater" monstrosity of a gown.

Documentary Short Subject: Kanye West moment of the Oscars=WTF?

Ben Stiller cracked my ass up as a Smurf...opps, I mean Nav'i from Avatar. "I see you!" =Epic Win

Tons of Hitler jokes which surprised me.

Star Trek wins for Make-up= Yay!

Up wins for Animation= Yay!

Look Lauren Bacall got an honorary Oscar, while all the teenie bopper actors/actresses go "Who?"

Monique' and her politics statement took me aback as well as Samuel Jackson who was like "Oh No you Didn't Girlfriend!"

Robin Williams looked awesome per usual and his comment about "Balls being held all over Hollywood" cracked me up and sent my brain right into the gutter.

Loved the Costume Designer for "Young Victoria" Sandy Powell as she LOOKS like a costume designer. I wonder if she designed her dress. She looked AWESOME!

Tribute to Horror- Really?!?!? MmmKay.

Followed by Paul Ottoson for Sound Mixing who looked like a stand in for Bram Stoker's Dracula.

In Memoriam is always many good people gone. *Sniff*

Let's talk Interpretative Dance...Wow! I'm in awe at their flips and twirls etc.

Great speech by Michael Giacchino had words to live by: "What you're doing isn't a waste of time, go for your dreams." AMEN!

Hurt Locker wins BIG.

Jeff Bridges: Yay you won, but cut back on the "Dudes" in your venacular k?

Sandra Bullock, I'm happy you won, but wanted Meryl Streep to win.

Kathryn Bigelow gets the "Deuce Bigelow" for winning "Director and Best Picture."

Overall, a great Oscars. Not too many weird moments. Can't wait to see what comes out this year.



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