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Cosplaying Going Too Far???

Ok, so I was a local pizzeria having a couple of beers when I saw a lot of the bar staff running over to the windows to get a look of what was outside.

I asked the bartender:

"What's up?"

He responded, "it's the General Lee out in the parking lot."

Apparently some guys drove up in a replica of the General Lee from "Dukes of Hazard." They were meeting some friends for lunch apparently.

What topped it off was other members of this group who walked in for lunch. Seems a couple others were dressed up as "Ghostbusters." Brown overalls and all. They got points in my book for authenticity but as I left I had to give them the prize for best car. Yeah, the General Lee is nice and all but it's not the Ghostbustermobile. Which was also in the parking lot with all the details and weather equipment up on top. Right next to the General Lee was Knight Rider. I've heard of Cosplaying but this was hysterical. The cars looked exactly like the "real thing." Down to the last detail.

The only question I had was: Where were they before they stopped for lunch?


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