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St.Patrick's Day and all that Jazz

Well today is St. Patrick's Day, and I unfortunately will be sober for it. It sucks because in the past I'd go out get completely blasted while enjoying Corn Beef and Cabbage and pounding back Guinness like it was water. Then my favorite restaurant closed that served the best Irish food and my father decided to go on the bandwagon during Lent. Thus, this year I'll be sober, that and I don't need a DUI on my record, thank you very much.

The only problem is I'm German. At least on my father's side, my mom's? I have no clue. Wish I did, I'm actually considering doing a DNA geneology test to see where my roots really are.

So today I'll pretend to be Irish. I wish I was somewhere in my DNA. I'm in love with the Emerald Isle.

So to all my friends on here who may be or may not be Irish, I'll raise a glass to you.


Tags: celebration, holidays, irish, st. patrick's day

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