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We Stand Alone Together (1/?)

 Title: We Stand Alone Together (1/?)
Author: Annjej76
Crossover: AU Band of Brothers/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Office Space.
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer. HBO owns “Band of Brothers”, and Twentieth Century Fox and Mike Judge own “Office Space.” This is based on the HBO mini series “Band of Brothers” and no disrespect intended to the real living men of Easy Company.
Rating: T for now, definite M in future.
Word Count: 2,518
Pairs: Winters/Nixon“Gibbons”, Faith/Speirs, Buffy/Spike, Webster/Liebgott

“The problem with resurrection spells is sometimes they go wrong.” ~Spike

One year ago:

     A tall lean gentleman walked into the Watcher Council Library in London, England with a clipped walk and headed directly back to the “Restricted Area.” The librarian at the desk checked his credentials, and after documenting his access, nodded and pushing a button, letting the man in. He headed back to the black magic section, took out a notepad and found the books he was looking for. Sitting down he started writing down spells from the section on “Inter-Dimensional Transportation/Resurrection and Forgetting Spells.”

A maniacal grin broke out across his face as he uttered:

I will have my revenge on you Winters just you wait…


Slayer Central in Aldbourne, England one year later:

     The sun was blinding as Dick Winters stepped out from the shade of the trees he found himself surrounded by. Shading his eyes with his hand he looked around as he didn’t know how or where he ended up. The last thing he remembered was being 88 years old and going to bed after a nice glass of warm milk. He remembered closing his eyes and sleep overtaking him and the next thing he knew he was standing on the edge of a green field dressed in his jump fatigues. A twig snapped behind him and grabbing his gun he spun around to see who might be there. “Flash!” he said automatically and a female voice responded “Thunder.”

Dawn Summers had seen the man appear in the blink of an eye. How these men were arriving was beyond her. She knew it wasn’t by portal as there was no swirlyness or blowing wind. It was as if the man appeared out of thin air. She moved slowly closer to the man as she didn’t want to spook him. Faith had given a debriefing on some of the others she had found who were now quarantined and were being rehabilitated. She stepped out from behind a tree dressed in a pair of jeans and a sweater with her hands raised. Dick lowered his gun but eyed her suspiciously before finally relaxing.

“Hi!” Dawn said giving a small wave as she lowered her hands.


“Did you just arrive?”

Winters nodded and looking around and asked cautiously, “This isn’t heaven is it.”

“Unfortunately it isn’t” she said as she shook her head sadly. “So what’s the last thing you remember? Were you alive, dead, young, old?” at his expression she looked downcast, “sorry we were told to ask that of anyone in your uniform.”

“To answer you question I was old or at least I think I was, its all becoming a bit fuzzy. I closed my eyes drifted off to sleep and the next thing I know I’m here.”

Dawn patted his arm, “that’s a side effect from what brought you here.”

“Which by the way is where?”

Dawn couldn’t help but pay attention when this man spoke.

“Well you’re in England specifically Aldbourne.” Dawn answered.

“At least I’m somewhere I’ve been before. What year is it?

“2010” Dawn replied with a slight cringe. 

Winters nodded, smiled, and patted her on the shoulder. “Well, in that case what’s your name?”

“Dawn Summers, and yours?”

“Richard Winters.”

“Nice to meet you” she replied shaking his hand. Dawn turned and started to walk off toward a large manor house on the far side of the field. The house was situated down a small road from an old castle, “follow me” she called over her shoulder.

As they walked Dick couldn’t help but ask, “I take it I’m not the only one here?”

Dawn giggled lightly. Catching Dick’s eye she became somber and shook her head.

“Xander will try to explain everything once we arrive at the manor house.”


“Jesus!” Talbert cried looking out the window in the game room.

“What is it Talbert?” Martin asked looking up from his cards.

Talbert turned from the window pale as a ghost. “We got ourselves a new arrival.”

Guarnere leered over his cards, “Probably some fuckin’ guy from Able Company.”

“Actually it’s Major Winters” he replied. The men all got up instantly and ran to the window to see for themselves.

“Aw shit. Who’s going be the lucky stiff to break the news to him about Nixon?” Harry asked looking out the window at Winters and Dawn.

The others all each looked at each other deciding to play a Slayer game and replied in unison, “1, 2, 3, not it.”

“Ha ha, alright boys, games over. Make like the wind.” Martin said folding his hand. The others nodded. Martin turned to Harry and grabbing him by the arm, “you go talk to him first before Cyclops gets to him. Break it to him easy okay?”

Harry nodded and headed for the front door. The others slipped out the back and made themselves scarce. 


     Xander had seen Major Winters arrive as he was keeping a lookout on the field for any new arrivals. Seems for the past 6 months men in World War II uniforms were appearing around the Slayer Headquarters.

     Buffy had volunteered to do patrols around town to see if any stragglers had ended up there. She made a few friends when she beat about seven of the men at a dart game. Guarnere won her over dancing with her. So far 140 men or so had shown up, some in better shape than others, and all different ranks and some from different companies. Thankfully the men didn’t mind sleeping in bunk beds and were happy for warm meals and a roof over their heads. A few had been quarantined to help them adjust to being alive again. A few had been dead for over 60 years. It was just like Buffy’s resurrection only a million times worse. Buffy had made a decree that none of the mini Slayers were to go over to the barracks or face dire consequences. Last thing she needed was a horny Slayer pouncing on a traumatized solider.

      Xander had somehow convinced Giles to turn the old work out gym on the far side of the compound into a makeshift barracks for the men. He also built a few other barracks for the men as well. The old empty manor house that used to be the Watcher’s Head Quarters which had been blown up had been rebuilt by Xander and a handful of mini Slayers. It now held quarters and rooms for the leadership of Easy Company and was completely demon proof. He was also impressed that Willow had agreed to make all the barracks demon and Slayer proof as well.

Looking down at the clipboard he put a check next to Winter’s name, he hung it up on the wall of his office and headed downstairs to do the meet and greet.

When he got to the bottom of the stairs he saw Harry Welsh waiting to open the door. Harry looked up at Xander and said, “I’d like to talk to him first if you don’t mind.”

Xander nodded and smiled, “Just send him up to my office, when you’re done.”

Harry nodded and watched Xander go back upstairs.

Opening the door he met Dawn and Lieutenant Winters “Welcome Major to HQ” he said shaking the man’s hand.

“Harry! How are you?”

“I’m good Dick; hey can we sit out here and talk for a moment before you go meet Alex?”

Dick looked over and sat down on the bench. Neither man noticed Dawn smile shyly as she headed off toward the barracks to do her rounds with Doc Roe.

“Sure thing, what’s going on Harry?”

Harry fumbled with the edge of his coat before meeting Dick’s eyes.

“See, here’s the thing Dick, it’s Nixon…”



15 Minutes Later:

There was a knock on Xander’s door, getting up he opened it and stuck out his hand.

“Welcome to Head Quarters Major, My name is Alexander Harris but everyone calls me Xander, do you have any questions for me?”

Dick shook his hand and took time to take in the man’s appearance; he was young and looked a bit like George Luz but a bit more intimidating with his black outfit and eye patch. He almost looked like the SS they had encountered in Germany, but not quite.

“So I take it most of Easy Company is here on the property?” he asked cautiously.

Xander nodded and gestured for Dick to sit down as he sat behind his desk.

“Most of the privates are yes, there are a few officers in town who decided to stay in some of the apartments we own, others are staying here in the Manor House.” Xander said leaning back in his chair.

“So everyone is pretty much here” Dick stated.

Picking up his clipboard, Xander checked his list, “Pretty much everyone…”

Dick nodded and sat back, “except Lewis Nixon.”

“Except Lewis Nixon, although we do have some sketchy reports of his location. One of our witches was able to track his signal to the Los Angeles area. We sent one of our head Slayers to go and see if they can find him.”

Dick sat there quietly taking it all in. Xander watched him and decided he should probably process it all in private.

“Now, if you’ll follow me, I’ll show you to your quarters.”

Dick looked up and nodded grimly and getting up followed the young man out of the office.


Xander sat down at his desk and picking up his phone hit speed dial.

 “Hey, Faith its Xander.” He could almost hear her eyes roll.

“Sort of figured that out Xan I have caller ID. What’s up?”

“Winters arrived.”

“Shit. I’ll let Ron know.”

“Thanks, by the way how are things out there in LA?” Xander asked kicking his feet up onto his desk.

“Good, Ron and I both got jobs as bouncers for Lorne at his demon club “Caritas”. I’m also working as the bartender. Let’s just say, any of the customers get out of hand, Ron and I take ‘em out back and play Demon Piñata. ”

Xander couldn’t help but chuckle at the happiness evident in Faith’s voice. Even if the thought of those two tag teaming each other made him cringe.

“I’m happy you finally found someone who makes you happy Faith even if the two of you are one hell of a scary couple. I think most of the men quake at the thought of you two.”

Faith couldn’t help the belly laugh that escaped her. Looking up she made eye contact with Ronald Speirs and winked at him. He just shook his head and went back to washing glasses.

“Do me a favor Xander.”

“Anything Faith you know that.”

“Find someone who makes you happy as well. She would have wanted that.”

Xander’s eyes flicked over to the engagement photo of himself and Anya that sat on his desk.

Sighing he replied, “I’ll try, but I won’t make any guarantees. You two take care of yourselves; don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Will do, Xan!”

“Ciao Faith.”


Xander hung up the phone and grabbing his binoculars and went back to the window watching for any other arrivals.


     Winters took off his jacket and put it on the back of the desk chair. Sitting down on the bed he undid and pulled off his boots. He pulled back the covers and crawled under hoping maybe if he closed his eyes be back in his home. He wasn’t sure if he could face the ghosts from his past. Nixon wasn’t there. He wondered where he was, what he was doing. Would he even want to see him again? Did he want to see Nix again?

     Sighing, he closed his eyes, as images of Nixon from the Eagles Nest came flooding into his mind. The soft bed, the downy pillows, and words and laughter they shared. What stood out the most was how perfect they fit together. He could swear he could feel the warmth of Nixon’s prone body curled up next to him. He could feel the weight of Nix’s head and his arm across his chest. Winters shivered as the ghost sensations overwhelmed his senses. He felt the soft brown locks under his chin; the warm breath on his chest from Nix’s light snoring. What he missed the most was the unique scent that was purely Nixon, which was a mixture of sweat, dirt, and Vat 69. Winters blinked back the tears as he felt the longing stir in his stomach for his friend who was now lost to him. He was never good at voicing his emotions to those he cared about; hopefully he’d get the chance to let Nixon know how he really felt about him. Rolling over on his side he tried to go to sleep and push the arousing images of Nixon from his mind.


Los Angeles:

Peter Gibbons sat in his cubicle staring off into space pondering his existence or lack thereof while killing time in the level of Dante’s Inferno that was Initech, when an ominous shadow cast itself across his desk. Looking up he wasn’t surprised to see Lumberg standing there with his cup of coffee and his placid be speckled face.

“Peter, what’s this?” Lumberg asked holding up a piece of paper and taking a sip of his coffee.

“TPS report?” He replied silently adding “dumbass”.

“Um, yeah did you get not the memo about the TPS report cover sheet Peter?” he asked taking a sip of his coffee.

“Yes I did, and for the record I forgot to change the TPS cover sheet this once. It won’t happen again.” Peter said with an incredulous look.

“Glad we cleared that up” Lumberg turned and started to walk away. He stopped and turned to face Peter, “Oh before I forget, yeah… I’m going to need you to come in on Saturday.” Lumberg said before turning and heading on his way.

Within the next fifteen minutes the other seven bosses came by to check and see if he had gotten the memo about the TPS reports.

By the end Peter Gibbons wanted to slam his head against his desk until he passed out in frustration. What he really needed right now was a good stiff drink.

Just then Michael popped his head up from his cubicle.

“Hey Peter?”

“Yeah, Michael?”

“We still on for going out drinking tonight?”

“The way my life is going Michael, every day should be a drinking day.”

Michael just cracked up as Peter rolled his eyes, he overheard Michael say “Amen to that.”

Peter sat there, thinking maybe just maybe today wouldn't be the worst day of his life. Tomorrow might be another story.




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