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Things that make me go WTF?!?!?!

So my father and I went out to lunch yesterday which is our normal routine on Saturday's. We decided to go to a little burger joint and when we walked in a guy in one of the booths waved at us. Come to find out it was a young guy my father used to work with at the museum. We chatted for a bit, and I felt like we were intruding on his conversation he was engaged in with a guy who looked like a burly biker. I swear the guy looked like a Hell's Angel with shoulder length curly black hair, round face, mustache/goatee mix. The guy even had a leather jacket to boot.

My father and I ended our conversation with the guy and moved on to our table. We sit down and start looking at the menu, when my father pipes up.

"Well, the pieces are finally starting to fall into place."

I looked up in confusion.

"What's that dad?"

"Well at least I now know who's the 'twink' in that relationship"

My jaw hit the table, literally, then I just started laughing hystrically.

"Dad! How the hell do you know what a 'twink' is?"

He just looked at me with laughter in his eyes, "I googled it."

My father then continued on, "Plus the other guy's too burly to be a twink. He's definetely the bear of the two.."

Let's just say, sometimes my father says things that make me go WTF? This was one of them. Got a good laugh out of it though.

Got to love the man. :)


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May. 8th, 2010 06:18 pm (UTC)
Twinks and things that make me go WTF?!?!
A friend of mine was over at the house for dinner about a year ago and made a comment about another friend of ours who was supposed to be at the same dinner, but had chosen to go on a date instead. My friend has known my family for 6+ years and in all that time, my mother has only been able to call him "enthusiastic" because using the term gay was too socially awkward for her. So you can imagine when my friend called him a "bloody twink" while complaining about him missing dinner, my mother looked up from her plate with a highly confused look on her face and asked what, exactly, a twink was. Oh, yeah. That was fun to explain. The WTF came in when she suddenly started laughing and said something about that making sense and started questioning weather or not there was a matching set of terms for lesbian couples... I ended up dating the friend who was at that dinner... She didn't let me forget for a day, what my mom said that night.
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