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My work sucks. Seriously.

I work as a receptionist in a mental health office with therapists, psychiatrists, and nurses. I'm not the only receptionist/support staff there's six of us. Count them six!

What has my hide chapped is that 2 of my co-workers have been ill for multiple days for the past couple of weeks, leaving myself and another co-worker holding down the fort. There's also my head clerk who has been working hard to keep everything on an even keel. She's phenomenal but even she looks worn down recently. I can't rely on our new girl quite yet because she's still learning. So for the past two weeks we've been downstaffed by half. Myself and one other person running the show.

That's where the first acronym comes in: BBOB.

You see I'm tired.

I don't say that enough but I am. I'm mentally, emotionally, and physically tired of trying to hold the front line. Answering phones, releasing records, checking in patients. On any given week I answer 300 calls out of a total of 700. The next person beneath me answers only 125. You do the math. It sucks.

I'm worn down. I feel just like the acronym: Battered Bastard of Bastogne.

It's getting so bad that I've started saying the second acronym to myself: How Fucked are We now on Guadal Canal?

The ways things are going let's just say we are truly fucked if things don't change soon!



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