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#58 Chocolate
Character: Webster
Words: 100
Rating: G

David knelt and gingerly handed the candy bar to the little boy. The boy’s father helped him open it and then after sniffing the dark confection the child took a tentative bite. Webster couldn’t help but smile when the boy’s eyes lit up and a shy smile formed on the boys face.

“He’s never had chocolate before” the father stated.

Webster wished he had a thousand candy bars to give to every child he met. Children need tons of joy in their lives, even in war.

Later that night Liebgott found Webster and said “you did good Web, real good.”

#29 Sunshine
Character: Malarkey
Words: 100
Rating: G

Malarkey stood on the shore of the lake at Zell am See staring at the sunshine rippling on the waves. He took in his surroundings and wondered if heaven would look like this. He fingered Skip’s broken rosary in his pocket, and with a heavy heart he threw it at far as it would go and watched it make a small splash in the middle of the lake.

Looking up he closed his eyes, leaning his head back and letting the sun melt the deep coldness that surrounded him; and for the first time since Bastogne, he felt at peace.

#2 Glass
Characters: Winters/Nixon
Words: 100
Rating G

‘Nixon is cracking’ he thinks as he sits stoically listening to Nix describe his third jump. Dick’s afraid that his best friend is losing his battle with the bottle. Seems Nix’s only friends recently are made of green glass. It wasn’t Sink who thought Nix should be demoted but Dick himself who betrayed his best friend due to fear of losing him. Maybe a break would help him calm down. 

The old nursery rhyme came to mind “all the Kings horses, and all the Kings men, couldn’t put Nixon back together again.”

He would try to keep Nixon from shattering.





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