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Title: Happy Anniversary
Author: Annjej76

Challenges: #85 Love Songs, #3 Hard, #41(a) Order, #22 Knot, #63 Oral Fixation, #42 Pain, #56 Shiver, #19 Mute, #23 Gay Sex, #74 Abandon

Characters: Webster/Liebgott

Words: 10 x 100

Rating: M


Love Songs


“How about ‘Moonlight Serenade’?” Webster asked holding up the record.


“How about I gag myself with a fork?” Liebgott replied.


Webster looked through his record collection and it seemed that song after song Joe would turn it down. Finally David gave up and looking at Joe said:


“Okay, what song would you like to dance to that would signify our ‘relationship’?” Webster asked cocking an eyebrow.


Liebgott sighed, nuzzling Webster’s neck with his nose, his hot breath sent shivers down Webster’s spine, as he whispered hoarsely “How about ‘In the Mood’?”


Joe snickered as he was led to the bedroom.




Joe sat on the edge of the bed, staring at Webster with a look that could only be described as unadulterated lust. Webster went to the closet and pulled out a couple silk ties, and secured Joe’s wrists to the four poster bed. Climbing over him he made sure that he didn’t touch the straining man in any way that would turn him on further. Webster slowly undid each button on Joe’s shirt, David couldn’t help but notice the tent in the older man’s pants. As he slowly undid Joe’s pants he smiled as Joe arched up to be touched.




“STOP IT!” Webster hissed. It was rare for David to take control of their love making, but when it occurred, Joe got hornier than the devil himself. Joe’s hips went back down onto the bed as he whimpered helplessly.


“Oh, stop you’re complaining Joe! Trust me there’s a method to my madness” David said as he pulled Joe’s pants down and off his legs and set it down on the ground.


After he got Joe to a level of undress he took Joe’s foot in his hand nipping and sucking on Joe’s ankle and starting the slow torturous path upward.




Joe struggled and strained against the silk ties that held him fast to the posts. He wanted to get loose so he could have control over the situation. It was supposed to be Webster who was supposed to be tied up as he rode him like a horse. Now here he was squirming and withering under his lover. He felt that knot of sexual tension grow within his abdomen as he felt Web lick and kiss his way up both legs, and was now pulling Joe’s underwear down, and without a look threw them over the edge of the bed.


Oral Fixation


Joe was madly in love with David’s mouth. He loved how David’s mouth would silently move as he read from his novels. Right now he was straining to watch David as he sucked his red and swollen member. His eyes rolled back as he fell back onto the bed as he felt David massaging his balls.


“Jesus Web, I’m not sure how long I’m going to last.” He stuttered through the heat and haze that was starting to flush over him “Please Web come up here”, as Joe really wanted to kiss him. David came up leaning over him, “Yes?”




“Please Web, let me touch you.” Joe pleaded straining against the silk ties which were starting to cut into his wrists.


David noticed the redness and straddling Joe’s waist leaned forward and undid both ties simultaneously.


David grabbed both wrists and bringing them up to his mouth slowly licked and kissed the red marks. After letting go of both wrists David climbed off the bed and slowly started to undress. Joe sat stroking himself as he watched with a smirk.


By the time he was stripped down to his underwear Joe slammed him hard up against the wall behind him.




Both men fought for control, even though Joe loved harassing Webster for being a wuss the truth was David was Joe’s equal. Both had a controlling nature that manifested in different manners.


Joe rubbed against Webster’s erection and felt his body hum in response. Dave’s hands roamed up and down Joe’s back and came to rest on his ass slowly massaging the soft tissue.


Joe slid Webster’s underwear down and dropping to his knees took Webster in his mouth.


Webster shivered as Joe pulled back enough to dip his tongue into the small grove at the tip of his cock.




The harder Joe sucked the more it became harder for David to breath. His hand came up resting gently amongst the soft dark locks on Liebgott’s head. He tried not to hold on for dear life as the last thing he wanted to do was rip Joe’s hair out. Joe was pressing against Web’s hips keeping him from canting forward. David felt that knot in his stomach get tighter and tighter and squeezing his eyes shut cried out silently like a mute man as he came violently in Joe’s mouth.


Joe’s hands rubbed Webster’s thighs as he milked Webster dry.


Gay Sex


Webster came down from his orgasmic high and saw Joe at his feet fisting himself trying to get off before David could finish him off. David grabbed Joe’s arms and pulled him up so they were face to face. Turning Joe around Webster gently pushed him toward the wall. Joe spread his legs eagerly and as Webster’s dick was still wet he didn’t need any lube. Webster stuck one, two, three digits in and scissored Joe’s opening getting him ready. Web licked at Joe’s throat as he entered and started a pleasant rhythm that would help Joe ease that itch.




Webster sucked on Joe’s neck leaving love mark after love mark. He smirked as he felt Joe push back against him wanting more. So what Joe wants, Joe gets. Webster reached around and started stroking Joe with each thrust. Back and forth, back and forth, he could tell Joe was close as he was trying to claw the wall.


“Know what quote fucking you like this reminds me of Joe?”


“Wh…what?” Joe responded between labored breaths.


“Abandon hope all ye who enter here” David said speeding up his pace.


Joe slumped forward as a very strong orgasm ripped through him.







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