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Some Roads We Can Never Travel Again

Tuesday night I made a mistake.

Okay, not really but it feels like it.

I got a call from an ex of mine from a LONG time ago and his message on my answering machine was bizarro. Something along the lines of "I hope your good, I hope you found someone to make you happy...etc."

So what do I do? I call him up.

Worst 9 minutes of my life.

He has a house full of kids, small kids, all screaming and talking etc. He'd literally put the phone down, walk away and here I am talking to dead air, when I finally would realize this, he'd come back and start talking to me again.

The conversation was about absolutely nothing, nada, zip, zero. It was fluff. "How are you doing?" He didn't even mention what drama he's going through that he mentioned on my answering machine. I mean WTF?

Then it was "I have to go...bye. Click"

End of phone call.

I sat there staring at my phone as if it was a traitor. I had waited 17 years to talk to this guy again after he pulled a fucking Houdini and dropped off the face of the earth. I mean I was the one all our friends would come to and ask "what the hell ever happened to X?" Now I know.

Now after this phone call. I don't think I want to talk to him again.

Lesson learned. Some roads are better paved over and turned into subdivisions.

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