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Love Never Rests (1/?)

Title: Love Never Rests (1/?)
Author: Annjej76
Words: 626
Crossover: Night at the Museum/Pacific
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This story came to me. Enjoy!

5000BC: Hall of the Kings

The hallway to the tomb of Akhmanrah was dark and cold as Ubaid stood staring at the entrance contemplating whether to run out the way he came or head onward toward his destination. His heart won out as he treaded softly in his sandals onward to the room where Akhmanrah's body lay in statis. He had to say his peace or he knew his soul would never find rest. He was about to break every rule when it came to the burial rights of the Pharaoh's but he needed to see his Pharaoh Akhmanrah one more time.

He crept onward and entering the burial room sneaking up to the sarcophagus and pushing the lid aside. He  looked down his eyes now adjusted to the darkness that seemed to seep into his soul. He looked down and saw the wrapped body of Akhmanrah laying there quietly. He reached down and gently ran his fingers down where Akhmanrah's cheek would be.

"What am I doing?" He thought as he quickly glanced at the door to make sure Kahmunrah's guards weren't on their way. When no footsteps were heard he lifted himself up and climbed into the sharcophagus with Akhmanrah. He gently cradled his charge's head, trying to get comfortable and leaned down whispered.

"I'm so sorry your greatness. I was too slow. The sword was quick, and your death painless. I failed in my duty to protect you with my life. Please, if you haven't crossed over yet, please forgive me."

Just then the lid of the sarcophagus slid closed trapping him in darkness. He could hear Kahmuhrah's guards laughing outside.

"Akhmanrah will never cross over to the hall of Kings now with someone else in his tomb."

Ubaid panicked, he felt along the inside trying to find the seam that would let him out. He pushed as hard as he could but the lid wouldn't budge. His heart sank as he heard the stone top drop into place trapping him within two layers. Death now stared Ubaid in the face. His heart raced, as blood rushed in his ears drowning out his sobs. He was going to die, his death was imminent . He had defiled the burial place of the one he loved more that life itself. Unfortunately Akhmanrah was oblivious to his feelings, as Ubaid had love the young Pharaoh from afar.

Draping a leg over the young Pharaoh's legs he laid down again, placing one hand under the Pharaoh's head, and the other draped across the chest. Closing his eyes, he let eternal sleep take him. He only prayed that Akhmanrah would forgive him for his trespass.


"Gene, you didn't add enough cleaner to the mop water. These floors are trampled on by thousands of feet a day. Do you really want Mr. McPhee to fire you?"

Jimmy "Gene" Lovett stood as the head janitor Steve gave him a ration of shit.

"If I didn't have to pay my rent, I'd tell this guy where to stick it!" He thought smugly.

"Now, the only rule I have, is "NO talking to the exhibits"  Are you listening to me?"

Gene nodded.

"Good, now grab a mop and get to work."  Steve said turning his back.

Gene didn't think twice as he grabbed a mop and headed out the door.

He stood in the shadows watching as the crowds made their way toward the doors, as "extended hours" were ending. Looking up, his breath caught in his throat as he saw the actor portraying "Akhmanrah" up on the second floor his back to Gene.

He closed his eyes and whispered "Please Forgive Me" in egyptian.

Unbeknownst to both men the gold tablet that brought everything to life glowed white.


Tags: fanfiction, night at the museum

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