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I is not amuzed

I love my family!

I do.



But seriously. I'm worried. Last night my young cousin who's 17 rolled into the house here at 2AM with a gaggle of his friends. All who were giggling and talking and I'm pretty sure High as a Kite.

One guy came through the downstairs room where I was 'trying' to sleep and used the bathroom. He then staggered out and looking at the bed where I lay asked "Are you Nalie?" I'm like What? He repeats "Are you Nallie?" Again I'm like WTF are you saying? He repeats a third time "Are you Natalie?" This bozo was so out of it he couldn't even pronounce constenants!!!

SO I lay down again. Another guy comes down and wants to light up a joint. I'm all "Hi!" *waves* If I wasn't cranky from being woken up I'd find the whole damn thing sad really. This is all they do apparently. Drink and get high.

I had no proof about the "high" part until this morning when I look out at the backyard table and here's a Maryjane pipe.

And his parents wonder why his grades are dropping. :(

I really wish I knew what to do.

Excuse me while I go back to my cup of coffee.
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