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Massive Plot Bunny

Ok, so a plot bunny attacked me and I'm not sure how to even begin to write this bad boy. It's a Big Bang Theory/Doctor Who crossover.

What I do know about said Bunny:

Takes place during ComicCon. Sheldon is cosplay as Doctor 9, Leonard is cosplaying as Doctor 10, and Penny is coplay as Rose. Howard decides to cosplay as Captain Jack Harkness. Raj is their companion. While at ComicCon the TARDIS appears and thinking its a prop go inside and the door locks behind them locking all 5 inside. Sheldon pulls from his vast knowledge of the Doctor Who verse and is able to pilot the TARDIS even after receiving the Emergency Program 1and it takes them to a planet where the Real Doctor and Jack Harkness are captured.  Penny is the one who helps them escape while the others hack into the computer system. Come to find out that Penny is related to Rose Tyler and Howard is related to Jack Harkness.

That's all I have right now..Need to figure out how to write this. I have the general idea but not sure how it will turn out.

Tags: doctor who, fanfic, sheldon cooper

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