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Writer's Block: In the summertime

What is the best summer job you've ever had?

It wasn't a job per se it was volunteering with the Red Cross Corps. of America. When I was 14 I spent a summer volunteering in a group home for severely mentally disabled teens and young adults. We would go over and help feed them, clean the house, make lunch, and sometimes just sit with them. One day stands out for me: I remember very clearly going for a luncheon at a park by a lake. As the group home leaders set up the tables we took some of the residents for a walk around the lake. Most of the residents were wheelchair bound. I remember very clearly turning and heading back  as lunch was ready and EVERYONE (men, women, and children) who had been playing in the lake stood silently staring at us. That's when I realised that ALL humans deserve respect and love.

It was the best "job" I ever had that I got to take care of someone who couldn't take care of themselves.
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