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Come With Me

Title: Come With Me
Author: Annjej76
Disclaimer: This is based on the actors in “Band of Brother’s” not the real men themselves. Do not sue.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 839
Pairing: Liebgott/Webster
Author’s Note: This is pure porny fluffy fluff. Basically Webgott had sex in my head and wanted me to share with the world. Takes place while in Zell am See. Enjoy!


Webster couldn’t remember what had awoken him exactly as he lay in the downy softness of his bed. He laid there his heart beating madly in his chest as he listened for any enemy that may be creeping his way. He berated himself mentally for falling asleep, thank goodness Liebgott wasn’t back yet he’d never hear the end of it. That’s when he felt the familiar slender fingers running through his chest hair gently. 

“Finally awake Web?” Liebgott purred in his ear.

Webster couldn’t help the shiver that went down his spine as he felt the hot breath against his ear. He shifted his legs as he became instantly hard. He could feel the warm soft skin of Joe’s chest stutter against his back from Liebgott chuckling at some inside joke he wasn’t privy too.

Rolling over he looked up at Joe yawning muttering “yeah”.

Liebgott’s hand stilled as he leant down running his nose along Web’s jaw line. Web shut his eyes and felt his body betray him as he felt Joe run his tongue along the edge of his jaw up to his ear.

“Good, now the fun can start” Joe whispered as his hand slid downward toward the prize. Web counted silently as he felt that beautiful slender hand slide inside his dungaree’s and trail up and down his length. He sucked in a breath as he felt Joe finger the small hole at the top twirling his finger around the edge.

“Jesus Joe, get on with it will ya?” He said through clenched teeth.

“Oh are you eager Web, want a quick fuck? Sorry to disappoint but I’m going to make you come so hard Winters will hear ya on the other side of town” Liebgott leered as his fingers wrapped around Web’s cock squeezing tightly.

Web gasped at the pain, knowing Joe meant every word and let out a breath as he felt the grasp lessen.

“I’m not asking for something quick Joe, I’m just not sure how long I’m going to last if you keep going so slow” Web replied humbly.

Joe snorted but kept eye contact asking permission nonverbally.

Web reached up cupping Joe’s cheek and smiled. Joe smirked as Webster ran his fingers through Joe’s soft brown hair. If Joe was a cat he’d be purring right about now. His heart clenched as he felt love for this slender man swell within him. Leaning up he placed small kisses along Joe’s jaw before going in for the kill. He pushed Joe’s head forward gently just enough so he could slam their mouths together. Joe may like to be gentle but he also loved things rough and raw.

Joe instantly responded by kissing back hard and climbing over and straddling Webster’s waist. Webster had to gasp as he felt how hard Joe was as he rutted a few times against Web’s swollen member. They pulled apart and Webster looked up and took his thumb running it over the swollen bottom lip of Joe.

“You ready cowboy?” Joe asked his eyes shining in the dark.

Webster could only nod as he felt Joe tug his dungarees down his legs to a point where Webster could easily kick them off into the abyss beyond the end of the bed. Joe got off him and laid on his back pulling off his underwear and threw them over the side of the bed joining his in the dark. He didn’t waste any time before getting back to his original position dominating over Webster.

Webster threw his head back as Joe grabbed both of their dicks spitting in his hand for some lubricant. The soft sound of them rubbing together made the knot in Webster’s stomach grow. Opening his eyes he reached up and ran his hands up and down Joe’s chest and around to his back. Reaching down he grabbed and squeezed lightly at Joe’s ass.

Webster was surprised when he felt Joe spit directly on him. He couldn’t help but quirk an eyebrow at Joe’s unorthodox proceedings. His brain shut down shortly thereafter as he felt Joe slide down him engulfing him quickly and quietly. Grasping Joe’s hips he took a few test thrusts and was rewarded when Joe threw his head back groaning.

"Oh god…right there Web.”

“Yea…oh god…yea!”

Webster thrust upward again and felt Joe press back against him. Together they created an impromptu rolling motion. Web would rock Joe forward toward him and Joe would rock them back. Once the rhythm was established they became one. The only sound was the slapping of skin and heavy breathing of both men. Webster leaned up and sucked hard on Joe’s collarbone and felt Joe start to stutter which pushed him over the edge and both rode their orgasm to its end.

He held Joe to him running his hand up and down Joe’s hot sweaty back and leaned his head against Joe’s and fell into a blissful slumber holding the man he loved. He was lulled to sleep feeling Joe kissing his shoulder.


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