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Beware of Weirdoes...

Hey everyone! *waves*

How is your Sunday treating you?

I can't believe what a doofus I am. I decided last night to post a personal ad on Craigslist. Now I remember exactly why I don't post ads on Craigslist. It causes weirdoes to come out of the woodwork.

Case in point:

There's always that ONE guy that feels the need to critique your ad and point out the flaws as if being sardonic and mean is the way to a woman's heart. Really asshole? Might I quoth "Goodfellas" when I say "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"

Next is the guy who likes hitting on younger women. Did I mention he's 56 and I'm in my 30's? This guy I call the "creepy old guy" because seriously what girl wouldn't want to date someone old enough to be their dad? I mean EWWWW...

Then there are the guys who can't spell worth shit! I'm sorry I edit by default. "Hey grl wht yous werin? i lk me sum big tits" will not win me over no matter how cute you may be. Learn to fucking type you inbred.

So I'm sitting here weeding through replies and some actually sound normal. I'll see. Last time I did this I ended up going out on three dates with a closet Nazi. That was fun! Too bad he didn't end up dead in a ditch covered in petroul. <---name the comedian!

So anything fun going on with all you all? Would love to hear it!

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