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MSUing How about U?

So I'm sitting here MSUing...what exactly is MSU? It stands for Making Shit Up. It's a term created by my work only "they" use the G version.

What am I MSUing? I'm sitting here pondering what my friends on here actually look like. I've been corresponding with a few people for a year now. Shit, has it been that long? Anyhew, I feel like I really know my friends on my Flist but I couldn't pick them out of a lineup.

One who will remain nameless, likes to keep their identity a secret not revealing whether they are male or female. I admire this, because you can take their work for just that work. I'm fairly certain they're a male but then again I've been wrong before. I like being in the dark when it comes to this person. This only adds to their mystique. Problem is, they are extremely talented and I'm such a whore when it comes to their fanfiction. I'll drop everything to read their work. In fact I've read their 'normal' journal and it makes me like them even more so. Sometimes I wish I knew what they looked like, but in others I'm fine with not knowing. My imagination is more powerful that way I can imagine them tall, short, blonde, brunette, red head, glasses, no glasses, built, thin, tattoos, pale skin, etc. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Does anyone else do this? I'm so new to this medium of writing on the web that I'm sure others ponder and wonder what their so called "friends" look like. Or does not knowing help you communicate with them because writing has no feelings. If you knew what they looked like or sounded like does that effect how you read their work? I truly doubt so. Although I could be wrong...

Don't mind me I'm just pondering and using my doctorate in Making Shit Up. :D


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Sep. 6th, 2010 01:03 pm (UTC)
Oh I think about this all the time, I'm usually wrong though lol. But, I think that's something I really love about the online world, you can form relationships based on personality and who the person is on the inside.

Of course, I've had this backfire on me... I had a friend on this game I used to play. And for a year, we knew like everything about each other, and considered each other as best friends, but we hadn't seen what each other looked like yet... Well, when we finally shared pics, he freaked out, called me quite a few names, and proceeded to never talk to me ever again.

But, still :P
Sep. 7th, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
Oh god, I do that all the time! It's really fun speculating on what the person behind the online persona might look like - to the point that often I'm reluctant to look when people post photos, because they might end up being nothing like I expected, and then I'd be disappointed. I can remember meeting up with two friends from BoB fandom in real life once, and it was quite amusing how one of them looked nothing like I'd imagined her, while the other one was exactly how I'd expected her to be. Funny how these things turn out.

Do you also speculate on how people speak? I know in some cases I try and work what online acquaintances would sound like, and I've certainly been surprised on a few occasions by getting contradicted.

Oh, and if the person you're talking about is who I think it is, yeah, I'm fairly certain he's male, too. Just plays his cards close to his chest about his personal life, which is fair enough, really. One of the nice things about the internet is you can show people as much or as little of yourself as you want, which you don't get nearly as much control over in the outside world.
Sep. 8th, 2010 04:06 am (UTC)
I think we all wonder about this. Or maybe it's just a few of us nosy people. I don't know, I just always like to think about who people are behind the lj names. What they look like, what they speak like and then how that compares to real life.
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