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Title: Drabbles (1-4)
Author: Annjej76
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This is based on the actor's portrayal's in the critically acclaimed miniseries "Band of Brothers." No disrespect to the real men of Easy Company
Words: 400
Challege: #38 Freedom, #99 Lonely, #20 Adrift, and #21 Escape
: Winters, Nixon, Malarkey

#38 Freedom

They stood crammed together like sardines looking over the railing as the New York skyline faded behind them.  The only sound was the waves lapping at the hull of the ship. Some men put their hands over their hearts; others said prayers of their differing religions. Yet all of them trained their eyes on the most beautiful woman in the world, Lady Liberty. She stood silent against the horizon and each man made a pledge to fight for her, their families, and their country. They didn’t know if they’d come back alive but they knew what they fought for: Freedom.

#99 Lonely

Don Malarkey leaned back against the crumbling wall of his foxhole, staring down at the broken rosary in his hand. His heart shattered within his chest but he couldn’t let the others see. There was still a war going on and he forced a smile at George Luz and the others. He knew they worried about his mental health since Muck and Penkala had been killed. He wondered why he was alive and they were free from this frozen hell. He didn’t think he’d smile freely again knowing he was alone in a war filled world.

#20 Adrift

Nixon loved the feeling of falling gently toward the earth after his parachute deployed. He loved drifting gently on the differing air currents, that was until that fateful day he jumped and nine others blew up over Germany. That day he couldn’t wait to hit the ground as his heart pounded in his chest knowing he came close to meeting his maker. He wanted to run as far as his feet could carry him toward a bottle of Vat 69 to help burn the image from his mind allowing him to be adrift on a sea of alcohol.

#21 Escape

Dick sat silently against the wall watching his best friend self destruct. He knew Lewis had a propensity for running from that which scared him. Right now Nix was scared of almost dying in a war that seemed never ending. Why go by a bullet when alcohol is so much quicker? Nix had been running for his whole life, from his family, his wife, his child, and now war. Dick wondered when the day would come and Nix would have to face his responsibilities and finally become the man he knew Nix to be under his hard exterior.



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