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Something Has to Be Done

My heart is breaking.

Recently there have been a rash of suicides in the US by kids who are being bullied about their sexuality.

Junior High, High School and College are rough times anyway but it's doubly so when people bully you because of your different or because of your sexuality or gender identity.

Something has to be done! Like NOW!!!

I have an idea, but I have no idea on how to make it come to fruition.

I want to create either a website, group, or a Non-Profit Organization to help kids who feel like they're alone to feel wanted and appreciated in a hope to help save lives.

I want to help kids who feel like outcasts and have no place to turn to find a safe haven, a refuge. To feel confused and be a member of the fringe of "society" is scary and these kids need help.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can go about doing this? Kids are dying and I want it to stop.

Tags: gender, life, suicide, teenagers

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