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We Stand Alone Together (2/?)

Title: We Stand Alone Together (2/?)
Author: Annjej76
Rating: T will be M in future.
Word Count: 2687
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and in no way is to be disrespectful to the actual men of the P.I.R. 101st Airbourne Easy Company. This is based on the actor's portrayal's in the HBO mini-series "Band of Brothers."
Spoilers: This is a crossover opus I created, take Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Band of Brothers, and Office Space put it into a blender, hit puree and voila'!
Pairings: Winters/Nixon "Gibbons", Buffy/Spike, Dawn/Malarkey/, Dawn/Guarnere, Webster/Liebgott, Faith/Speirs
Author's Note: Sorry for jumping back and forth between locations, I'm setting up the story. From here on out, each chapter should alternate between LA and England.

(Chapter 1)
(Chapter 2)

An Oracle stood hunched over a large crystal ball watching the events unfolding before her. Her brother came over and looked down next to her.

"How is Lewis Nixon doing?" He asked staring down at the crystal ball.

"He seems to be adjusting well to this dimension. I have seen no signs of his past life as Lewis Nixon resurfacing. He seems a lot happier as Peter Gibbons." She replied with a smile. "considering we had Herbert Sobel groveling at our feet to hide him in plain sight from the First Evil. We just took some liberties to suppress his memories of his time with the paratroopers."

"Well he's had a whole lifetime to adjust, but there are objects in motion that may make his past resurface." He replied.

"I know, I just hope he'll be strong enough to deal with two lifetimes of memories when the time comes." She said with a sigh, looking down at the giant crystal ball watching with interest as Peter sat down to talk to Bob and Bob.


Slayer Central-Aldbourne, England:

If anyone were to ask the Scooby gang, who was the first member of Toccoa to arrive at Slayer Central, they would all answer the same: David Kenyon Webster. Whether that was true or not was still up for debate. What wasn't up for debate was that David seemed to be that missing link to reunite the veteran members of the Scooby gang and soothe the rifts that had appeared between them.

He had stepped in and became a surrogate older brother to both Buffy and Dawn. Willow and Xander found him to be the missing member of their trio since Jesse's untimely death. Giles found an eager Mini-Watcher who wanted to learn anything and everything he could about this dimension, demons, and the history of the world he now lived in.

William (a.k.a. Spike) found himself yearning to hang out with David and have intellectual conversations about books and poetry while his demon rebelled violently at the thought.

After pouring over piles of history books, Webster found that this world was just like his old one except for the whole demon population and things that go "bump" in the night. What surprised him the most was that in this dimension the 506 P.I.R. 101st Airborne were never deployed during World War II. The men in this world had trained, but the Generals decided it would be too dangerous for the men to parachute behind enemy lines due to a risk of high mortality. Scrolling through the lists of soldiers who had trained he found that not one of the men of his Airborne had ever existed in this dimension.


Los Angeles:

After finishing his fourth bottle of beer, Peter was finally getting a good buzz going and started to relax and enjoy himself. Michael and Samir had taken him bar hopping which seemed to be a habit they all seemed to enjoy after dealing with Lundgren and his motley crew. As they walked down the street toward the next bar they would be their next drinking destination they frequented he noticed a "Now Hiring: Please Inquire Within or call 555-4824" sign at a little bar called "Carita's" and made a mental note to check about employment. Maybe a change of pace would break up the monotony he felt working for Inetech and filling out TPS reports.

Taking out his cell phone he punched in the number and got an answering machine. Michael and Samir just looked at him weird and he waved them to continue on.

"Hi, this is Faith and thanks for calling Carita's house of Kareoke if you're inquiring about the job, please leave a message after the beep. Thanks!"


"Hi, my name is Peter Gibbons, and I'm interested in your job posting."


Slayer Central-Aldbourne, England:

David Kenyon Webster hated walking into the cafeteria in the mornings. Each morning since he arrived at Slayer Central he found his eyes wandering around looking for that face that haunted him in his dreams. The one that made his heart race and his stomach clench, and inevitably each morning he was faced with disappointment. For amongst the numerous faces there lacked one Joe Liebgott. Today was no exception. Grabbing his tray he made his way through the line and headed toward his regular spot. David had many admirers amongst the mini-Slayers and each morning he was greeted with the chorus:

"We Love You, Mr. Webster!"

David gave a curt nod in their direction and headed toward his table. Sitting down, he couldn't help but hear the snickers and sing song voices "We luv you Webster!" coming from the men of paratroopers.

"Ignore them." Xander said from across the table.

"Who the Mini-Slayers or the other soldiers?"

Xander grinned, "Both of course."

"Easier said than done" Webster said stabbing at his eggs angrily.

"Whoa, what did those eggs ever do to you?" Willow said sitting down next to David as Buffy and Dawn sat down across from them next to Xander.

"Hey Wills, David's just a bit upset because the Easy men are giving him grief over his Slayer appreciation" Xander said with a smirk as he sipped his coffee.

"Aw, they're just jealous they don't have a bunch of pretty girls throwing themselves at their feet." Willow said stirring her tea.

"Oh did Xander tell you we have new arrivals and Buffy and I get to take one shopping. Yay!" Dawn said excitedly practically bouncing up and down next to Buffy.

"Down girl" Buffy said as she placed a gentle hand on Dawn's shoulder.

His curiosity peaked, David looked up at Xander "Oh, who arrived?"

Looking down at his clipboard Xander flipped to the last page "Let's see, Albert Blythe, Roy Cobb, and a Jos…Ow!" Xander cried reaching down and rubbing his ankle as he glared at Buffy "I was going to say Josie."

David had noticed the exchange but decided to not press the issue. He knew at some point Joe would arrive, as they were running out of men who were attached to the 101st Airborne. He just wasn't sure he could handle seeing him again after all they went through in their last lifetime.

Grimacing down at his food, David placed his fork down, "Well you two lovely ladies have fun, I need to go try and teach Haiku to my students."

Willow looked at him with concern, "you hardly ate anything, are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine, just not hungry as I thought I was. See you guys later." David replied.

"Have fun!" Dawn said getting up and giving him a big hug and then promptly sitting down to finish off her oatmeal. David slung his canvas bag over his shoulder and dropping off his dirty plates headed out the door toward the school.

Just as the door closed behind him, the front door to the cafeteria slammed opened and in stormed a young girl with long dark brown hair, and glinting eyes. She wore a turquoise top and plaid shorts and flip flops, all of which seemed too large for her petite frame.

She stormed over to Willow's table and placing both hands on her hips huffed, "I thought you were trying to find a way to fix 'this'!"

"Relax Josie, I'm working on trying to figure out which spell Kennedy cast on you after you insulted her, and once I do 'bippity, boppity, boo' you're back to Joe Liebgott."

"Just hurry up will ya? I'm not fancying being a broad forever." She said placing her hands on her hips.

A large chorus of cat calls was sent her way with a bunch of "hey babies!" She turned around toward all the men and flipped them off, which just made the men laugh at her antics.

"Wow! She's such a charmer, what person wouldn't want her?" Xander said leaning back with a smirk.

Buffy tried not to laugh when Josie glared at Xander. Instead she turned to Dawn, "I want you to take Josie shopping, find some girl/boyish clothes. Here's the credit card, promise you won't go crazy."

Dawn rolled her eyes, "I promise! Now can we go? PLEASE?"

"Yes, Spike will be meeting the train to take you girls shopping in London."

"Come on! Shopping here we come!" Dawn said grabbing Josie's hand and dragging her behind her.

The three Scoobies watched the two leave the cafeteria when Willow commented through her laughter, "I'm not sure who to feel sorry for, Dawn being subjected to Joe/Josie or Joe/Josie being subjected to shopping with Dawn."

The other two just nodded in agreement.


Los Angeles, CA:

Peter always looked like he had just rolled out of bed; this was because he suffered from insomnia. It wasn't that he couldn't sleep per se it was because every time he closed his eyes he had vivid dreams of jumping out of airplanes and then the distinct feeling of drifting toward earth. He always woke up before he landed. Some nights he dreamt of the plane he jumped out of blowing up shortly after he jumps.

Tonight his dream was different:

He's walking down the middle aisle of a passenger train, bracing himself as the car rocks back and forth as it heads to a destination unknown. To his left and right are men in uniform talking excitedly, some men read books; others looked out the window at the passing scenery, while others slept.

Up ahead is a red headed man sitting with his back toward him, he knows this man anywhere. He feels his heart instantly start to race and his hands become clammy. He sits down behind the man to just bask in this man's presence. Swallowing the nervousness he feels he decides to flirt a little. Leaning forward to see if he can make the man jump he says:

"Going my way?"

Without looking up the man speaks and his words flow over him like honey.

"You tell me."




Peter struggles to get up from under his white comforter and stumble toward the phone. Picking up he hears his girlfriend start yelling at him, without thinking he hangs up on her.




He lets the answering machine pick up and it's her yelling at him the last thing he hears when he goes back to sleep is "Don't you dare hang up on me! What's wrong with you Peter?" the last thought he has is "Shut up Kathy!" As he closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep he hopes he can dream of the red headed man who makes him want to be a better man. Before going down into a deep slumber he can faintly hear the singing as if a breeze blew by his ear. The haunting words:

"There was blood upon the risers…"


London, England: Train Station:

Josie didn't know which level of hell she was in but shopping with a hyperactive girl had to be one of the levels. Right?

They had met up with this "Spike" at dusk and in the shadows of the train station. She stood back and watched as Dawn hugged Spike fiercely as he kept calling her "Nibblet." He then turned his eyes on her and she felt her blood run cold. With his long coat and blonde hair and blue eyes he looked every bit like a kraut but when he spoke his accent was pure British.

"Who's the bint, Nibblet?" he asked before taking a long drag off his cigarette. Observing her with his intense stare.

"This is Josie she's new to the compound, Buffy wants me to take her shopping." Dawn replied.

Josie stood there with her arms crossed, glaring between the two of them. Spike looked Josie over and commented "I'm sure she is. Shall we get goin' then?" as he gestured toward the limo waiting for them. As the three got in, Josie looked around in wonder.

"How many games of kitten poker did you win to afford a limo Spike?" Dawn asked in awe.

"Let's just say I came into some money and leave it at that." Spike said lounging back.

Slayer Central: Aldbourne England, Two Weeks Prior:

A mysterious letter from the Bank of England arrived at Slayer Central for one Mr. William Pratt, II Esq. Giles contemplated on whether to give it to Spike or not and after some internal struggles decided it best to hand it over.

Spike looked at the letter with a look of disdain before stuffing it inside his leather duster. Giles rolled his eyes and dismissed Spike from his office disappointed to not knowing what the letter said. He'd make it a point to ask Buffy later.

Spike went down to his apartment in one of the Slayer Compound buildings, locking the door behind him and sitting on his bed he took out the letter and with shaking hands opened it.

It read:

Dear Mr. William Pratt, II Esq.:

Per your recent request we are pleased to inform you that the investments you made with the Bank of England have surpassed ₤30,000,000.86. We also have added up your assets to amount to the equivalent of ₤200,000,000. Please bring your heir apparent one David Kenyon Webster to our office so we may set up spending accounts for him and get all documents in order.

Thank you for choosing to do business with us, and if any questions please feel free to call me.


Willis D. Gibbons

Manager of Affairs Bank of England

Spike set the letter down and staring off into space, the only two words he could think to utter were "Bloody Hell."

Once he composed himself he splashed some cold water on his face and made an oath to keep his new found fortune a secret from everyone outside of Webster. He didn't need Rupert or Peaches on his back with questions. He may be the 'big bad' when it came to being a vampire but William invested wisely. Who knew Dru's prediction on investing in "Rainbow Apples (i.e. Apple, Inc.)" would pay off.


Hell-The First Evil's Lair:

Captain Herbert Sobel bowed at the feet of the First Evil, who sat like a queen upon her unholy throne. Surrounded by candelabra's and illuminated by the red fires behind her.

"I have done your bidding Mistress. I have brought Richard Winters to this dimension like you asked."

The First Evil sat there with a gleam in her eye, and rubbing her hands together said, "Good job my minion. Together we shall wreak havoc on the Slayer, for when the blood of the one who never shot a bullet in war is spilt; I and all the pure blooded vampires shall roam free on Earth once more!"

Herbert Sobel hoped Richard Winters could stop this monster from destroying Earth. He didn't tell the First that he had changed the spell and had cast it so that not only would Richard Winters come through the portal but ALL of the men of Easy Company. This creature had to be stopped. He just hoped his memory spell he cast on Lewis Nixon would work.

"Thank you my Mistress" Sobel said through clenched teeth and went back to his corner of hell praying that his actions would lead to good for his men.



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