Athena's Attic (annjej76) wrote,
Athena's Attic

Which Way is Up Part Deux

So I still feel like roadkill emotionally. I understand where JC is coming from that he wants to be friends for our relationship to work. Apparently he was never friends first with his ex-wife.

Intellectually I understand, emotionally not so much. I'm still extremely angry and hurt by this. I'm not sure I can just "relax and just enjoy" being friends with him. You can't go from an adult serious relationship back to friends. The balls in his court, if he wants to speak to me, he knows where he can find me.

I'm also pissed of at a female "friend" of his who placed the seed of doubt in his mind before we even started dating that "he wasn't ready for a relationship." I know I shouldn't be angry at this biatch, but I am. Can't help it, I am. I don't trust this girl as far as I can pick her up and chuck her across a crowded room. Period. If my relationship with JC is to survive, she is NOT going to be a part of this relationship. No third parties. PERIOD!

My trust factor in JC is compromised. I'm not sure I can trust him again. What's to say, we become friends, and then he wants to date again, that later on he won't pull another rabbit out of his hat? Then were right back where we are now.

In other news, my Dad is ill. He's been fighting a chest cold for weeks now. He FINALLY went to the Dr. and they did some blood work and apparently one of the tests came back positive. They think he has a blood clot, either in his lungs, or his leg. He states he's not in any pain. He went to the ER last night, I "think". At least that's what he told me he was going to do. I'm scared. First I lose JC, and now this. What next Lord?

Work continues to march onward, nothing new on this front.

I'll keep you updated as things progress.

A out.

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