Athena's Attic (annjej76) wrote,
Athena's Attic

Who is the Little Girl?

Okay, this is a long shot and its been bugging me a bit when at the end the little girl regenerates...

I think the little girl is Romana. Here's why:

In "City of Death" Romana and Doctor number 4 are sitting in a cafe' and a man is drawing Romana's portrait. When she sees it,instead of a drawingface is a picture of a clock with a crack in it. The same shape of crack that was in Amy's wall. The doctor makes a comment that it looks like a "crack in time" and they leave the cafe' just to be safe. "Crack in Space and Time" ring any bells?

Take a look:

What if when Rose took the Time Vortex into herself and she "created life" so her Doctor wouldn't be alone she brought back Romana using Amy as a surrogate? I mean she could see the past, present and future she could bring back any or all of the Time Lords/Time Lady's. Just interesting that the crack is the same in the drawing as it was in Amy's wall.

I just find it interesting that this isn't the first time the Doctor has mentioned a "crack in time".

Just a thought, silly as it may be.

Tags: speculation

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