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Seriously??? Really?

So today is the one year anniversary of my car getting plowed into and getting totally totaled. So I was wanting to go do something special with JC as its the one year anniversary of us meeting.

I was excited until he told me he's going to go see U2 tonight with one of the pilots he works with who he promised to go with a year ago. Bleah! :P

I mean WTF? Is everyone I know here in Denver going and seeing the fuckin' aging Irishmen? Seriously?! When was the last time they were in the top 20 on the radio?

I'm just pissed that I don't get to do something special tonight. Instead I'm by my lonesome. Thank God its not the End of the World or I'd look JC in the eye and say "Really, was U2 worth it? Instead of hanging out with me?" Dumbass!

Me'm not...or as Nix would say "Quit looking at me like that!"
Tags: anniversary, car accident, life, suckiness, u2, wtf?

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