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I has a New Ship.....

Ok I won't lie, when I heard that the BBC was making a Sherlock Holmes series I was like WTF? I mean sure I'd read a few stories here and there and Robert Downey Jr. was recently an incarnation but I didn't want to see two old fuddy duddies solving crimes in Victorian England. Then the series aired and everyone online was in awe and saying "you need to see this show...Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman rock! etc." Again I was like "meh..." Then I got into Doctor Who and the writer Steven Moffat and people online again were like "Did you know 'Sherlock' was written by Steven Moffat?" and I was like "really"? and they were like "yes!" and I was like "I'm in like Flynn..." So I rented Sherlock and after watching one episode went out and bought it for my collection. It really is good. It's Sherlock in modern times and Sherlock is YOUNG! Hallelujah! Can't tell you how much I can't stand older Sherlock in his hat and pipe and tweed trench coat sweeping through Victorian England while and older Watson goes along with his mustache and bowler hat....YAWN. I love the new version because it's so fresh and the actors are very lovely on the eyes!

See for yourself.....

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Like I said, this show is awesome. I really hope Steven Moffat doesn't marry Watson off. I want to see them living together at 221B Baker Street with Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade and Mycroft coming to visit.

Now if you'll excuse me I'll be off writing fanfic...

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