Athena's Attic (annjej76) wrote,
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Writer's Block: On the menu

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Was it any good?

This is a hard one, because I love trying all types of least once.

Some of the weirdest things I've eaten or tried:

Escargot- Love it! Especially with garlic butter and some nice crusty bread. mmmmm...nomnomnom!

Chocolate covered Bacon- Actually not too bad. The chocolate and the saltiness of the bacon work. I was impressed will have to try it again.

Frog Legs- Their okay...not something I'd stand in line for. Very gamey!

Calamari (a.k.a Squid)- If cooked right their delicious if not its like chewing on rubber bands. Bleah! :P

Elk- Very delicious, meaty and not at all gamey.

Buffalo- Absolutely love Buffalo. Its lean, meaty and just tastes better than hamburger, period!

Rabbit- The other white meat! Actually was surprised by this one. It was delicious and it tastes like Europe. I just felt like I was back in time in a castle. It was awesome.


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