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Fifty Shades of Suckery

Okay so I caved...sue me.

I went and bought "Fifty Shades of Grey" and my god this book is bad.

Not only because of the subject matter...Ok, BDSM isn't my bag, but there's hardly any character development. The main character finds out the guy she's pining over is into whips and chains and she's freaked out, but then when he finds out she's a virgin she's all "okay I'll sleep with you..." BLAH!!!!

My eyeballs are bleeding. I swear I've read better Mommy Porn on FF.Net. Hell even on some of my lists on here I've read better written fanfiction that's more hardcore than this drivel.

Yet, I can't pull my eyes away from this damn book. Its like watching a trainwreck. You don't want to look away because you want to see how it will end.

Now excuse me I'm going to go read a "Twilight" fanfic that talks about nipple clamps.

Tags: bdsm, books, fanfiction, suckiness, twilight

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