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Somethings are more Important

So, my father asked me to call our family back east in St. Louis to see what they want for Christmas. My cousin K answered and after catching her up on my life I asked innocently "so what's new there?"

Here's what I got hit with....

My Aunt who is my Father's Sister-in-Law is in the hospital and is not doing well. K states "she's shutting down...and looks like something out of Body Works.." Whatever the hell that means.

My other Cousin Al who's twice removed has Cancer. I'm unsure of what type. My father and I need to call him too.

Then I find out my youngest cousin who's 20 just had another friend killed in a car accident. He lost his best friend in a motorcycle accident last year around this time. Poor kid can't get a break.

I got all of this info in five minutes. All the while my father  in the background is saying "Ask them what they want for Christmas?" All I could think of was "Somethings are more important than gifts..."

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