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Be In (1/1)

Title: Be In
Author: Annjej76
Rating: PG
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: Don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon does.
Prompt: Boulder by Tamingthemuse

“God, Dru would have loved it here!” Spike exclaimed as he and Xander walked casually down the Pearl Street Mall.


“Yeah, she’d be twirling and spinning listening to the drum circle. Getting contact highs off the locals, it’d be like Woodstock all over again.”

“The drum circle was pretty cool. Not as cool as the couple playing the Didgeridoos” Xander said with a wink.

“True, she’d be enthralled by their sound. Want to sit a while?” Spike said gesturing toward one of the many benches.

“Sure, better to watch the people that way” Xander said taking a seat.

“Indeed, so Pet what are we doin’ here?” Spike said surveying the crowd.

“Giles said that a group of M’tauk Demons are terrorizing the students at CU. He wants us to do recognizance.”

“Those Buggers are nasty, perfect place for them though, livin’ off alcohol, drugs, and sex. No one would bat an eye at them lurking in the shadows. Just another hallucination.”

“True, no wonder they call this place 26 miles surrounded by reality” Xander said with a laugh.

“Reality is overrated pet, of course most people here don’t follow reality anyway.”

Xander surveyed the people walking around. He was amazed at how the place made him feel. He wondered if that was because it was over a non-active Hellmouth. No wonder he felt at home, and it attracted all the interesting individuals, both humans and demons alike.

“So, out of all of these people who would you eat if you could?”

“Those damn Hare Krishna’s, they deserve to be eaten. Or the stray college kid, of course you’d be rollin’ the dice to see if you got drunk or high off ‘em. You?”

“The guy squeezing himself into a Plexiglas box, he’s just asking to be eaten, tempting fate like that.”

Spike gave Xander a quizzical look, “You do know that’s just flexibility right pet?”

“Sure, but it creeps me out being all bendy like that. It would either be him or the Balloon guy in front of the culinary store.”

“Wha’ the bleedin’ hell is wrong with balloons? Sometimes I swear you’re barmier than Dru!”

“I had a bad experience at one of Willow’s birthday parties when we were kids. Her folks ordered a clown and he made balloon animals for everyone but I never got one. States he ran out of balloons. Then Tommy Deckers popped his right in my ear. I jump each time a balloon pops even to this day. Live through the Hellmouthy goodness only to be scared by breaking rubber.”

Spike wrapped an arm around Xander’s shoulders letting the young man lean his head on Spike’s shoulder. He couldn’t help but grin at the warmth that seeped into his duster, even though the Colorado air wasn’t that cold. Running his fingers through his lover’s locks he replied, “You’re right. Balloon Bloke first, then the Hare Krishna’s. Nobody makes my pet feel jittery.”

Placing a kiss on Xander’s head, he smiled as Xander’s arm wrapped around his waist as he snuggled into Spike’s side. He almost didn’t hear the words “Thank you” muffled into his shirt.

“You’re welcome Pet. What you say about some ice cream?”

He couldn’t help but laugh as he felt Xander’s hug get just a little tighter, and that was just fine with him.


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