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I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years (4/?)

Title: I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years (4/?)

Author: Annjej76

Rating: M

Pairing: Xander/Spike

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss Whedon has that honor. I’m just taking the characters out for a joyride.

Synopsis: Xander gets turned into a vampire hybrid and gets shoved into another dimension. When he comes out he’s not the same. Will Spike be able to reach him or has he gone round the bend permanently?

Spike lost track of how long he’d been sitting and just watching Xander stare off into nothing. A few times Spike went over and waves a hand in front of Xander’s face but doesn’t even get a blink in response. Finally having enough and bored out of his mind babysitting Harris. Spike gets up and wanders around the room looking at everything. Something keeps drawing him to the two hands of cards sitting on the table. Picking up each hand he notices the game is almost won but for some reason it hasn’t ended. Something niggles in the back of his brain, a long lost memory long forgotten. Shaking off the melancholy feeling Spike goes and sits down waiting for word from Buffy. He doesn’t have to wait long before his cell phone chimes the tune “Toxic.”


“What exactly did Xander say to you?” Buffy demands.

“He just said that there were Monsters watching in the dark. Why? What did you find?”

“There was a small army of mishmash demons all watching our compound. Fyarl demons, gooey demons, a slew of vampires, you name it…”

“I take it you took care of them?” Spike asks as he wanders over to the window staring out at the trees.

“Oh yea, we slaughtered them. The vamps are nothing but dust in the wind. How did he know they were there?”

“No clue. I couldn’t even smell them for this far away let alone see them in the shadows of the forrest.”

“I know right? Bizarre. I’ll tell Giles about what happened. Try and see if he can tell you anything about his time in the other dimension. Oh and one other thing before I head off to wash demon goo off me.”

“Yes Buffy?”

“Thank Xander for me?” Buffy asks softly.

Looking over he notices Xander is watching him intently, head cocked to the side like a dog listening to their Master.

“Will do Love. I’ll tell him right away” Spike replies. Ending the call he slips the phone back into the inside of his duster. Kneeling down he puts a hand on Xander’s shoulder and squeezing lightly quietly says “Good job Pet.”

Xander’s eyes close and he leans into Spike’s touch, as a simply thought tears through his mind. “SIRE!”


He can’t remember how he’d been kidnapped. He’d been out in the courtyard working on some bookshelves for Giles library when a hand with a cloth drenched in Chloroform was pressed to his nose and mouth.

“What the hell?” He thought weakly as the scenery around him spun and drifted into black.

When he awakes Xander finds himself staring at the ceiling of the old abandoned gym a mile away from the Slayer compound. Only reason he knew of the place is because one day he’d gotten so mad at Willow for accidently casting a spell on him that had turned his hair different colors. He was still living down the moniker “Xander of a different color” that he had stormed off muttering and cussing as he went. He’d stumbled upon it by chance hidden amongst the pine trees.

“LET US GO YOU MONSTER!!!” Kyle Wilson one of the newer Watcher’s in training yell to his right. Xander can hear the clink of the chains as the others struggle in their restraints. “Resistance is Futile” runs through Xander’s thoughts as he tries to look at his surroundings.

“I will make you into a new image! I am your creator!” Phillip LaMond exclaims as he walks around to each of the five men chained and shackled to the floor in what Xander can gather is a pentagram. “Who knew hanging with the most powerful Wicca around would make me smart?” Xander ponders.

“What are you injecting me with?!” Steve Mason cries to Xander’s left. Xander turns his head but can only make out Steve’s side and thigh in his peripheral view. The sounds of the chains rattling gets louder the closer Phillip gets to him.

“Hush now. It will only hurt for a moment then the MAGIC begins…”

“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!! WHEN I GET OUT OF THESE CHAINS I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!” Steve shouts straining against the chains.

“Oh, pretty promises. We’ll see about that. You might change your mind when you’re pledging your allegiance to me as your Master!” Phillip sneers.

‘Crap, how do I get out of this?’ Xander thinks as he turns his head from side to side looking for any sort of an escape. Tugging at the chains Xander can tell they are of good quality and don’t budge an inch.

“Shit! Buffy? Willow? Can you hear me?” Xander tries to contact the others telepathically but to no avail. “Phillip must have put some sort of cloaking spell on the gym. Great!”

Not seeing any way out of the predicament he’s in, Xander comes to grip with the stark reality. He always knew he’d die someday. Just not in this manner. Vampire? Sure. Demon Spawn. You Betcha! Meglomaniac Crazy Watcher? Didn’t make the list sadly.

Sighing, Xander closes his eye and starts saying his goodbye’s to the other Scoobies in his head.

“Wills, I’m so sorry. I know I’m a screw up and this looks like the ultimate game over moment. Do me a favor, smite this jackass into the past century? K? I want him to suffer. Tell Buffy and Dawn I love them. G-Man too. Even give Fangless a punch in the arm for me. Don’t you dare forget me or Jesse. We’ll be watching over you. Love you my Little Yellow Crayon.Goodbye…”

Xander feels the tears streak down his face. Opening his eye and looking up he notices Phillip is standing over him watching intently. “Your turn next Mr. Harris or should I say Cyclops!” Phillip quips as he pushes the needle into Xander’s forearm. Xander winces at the pain and watches in horror as the silver liquid gets injected into his arm. The needle is removed and Phillip wanders on to the last victim…

“Well I guess it’s Goodnight Gracie! STOP THAT XANDER! I will survive this. I will survive this! Shit, this crap burns!” Xander thinks as his survival instincts kicks in but he can’t help but stare in horror as the serum is turning his veins black. Xander struggles in the chains trying to get free but it just tires him out even more. He struggles to stay awake, and feels his eyes drooping. His thoughts are interrupted by Phillip who is now reading from some ancient scroll.

Oh Demon ársa an cheartais. Beannaigh na fir le do neart. Déan iad do airm chun siúl ar an talamh ar an ghrian agus sa moonlight.” Phillip chants.

“You have now been injected with a serum of vampire plasma. You may start to feel the effects as it starts to change every strand of your DNA. Once the serum is done you will feel a pull toward me as you’re Sire!”

“Bullshit I’d rather have Deadboy as my Sire than you!” Xander thinks angrily, “There is no way in hell I’d choose the megalomaniac behind door number three. Think Xander who would be a better Sire?” is his last conscious thought before slipping into unconsciousness. If Phillip had been paying attention he’d heard Xander hiss “Sp…”

Translation of Gaelic: Oh ancient demon of justice. Bless these men with your strength. Make them your weapons to walk this land in the sun and in the moonlight


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