Well, it's been almost 3 years now since my Dad passed away and a lot has changed. I look back at my last entry and I feel so removed from the grief that I was going through at that time. In the time since that post, I got married, got another cat, got a new car, and soon hopefully will have a new job. I'm also waiting for my application to be a Notary Public to be processed. 

I still talk to my Dad. He and Mom show up in my dreams from time to time. It's good to see them. The canyon of pain that was in my chest when my Dad died healed. I'm able to live now. I'm ready to start making changes to the house, I'm getting rid of his stuff. I refuse to be Miss Haversome from Great Expectations who held on to everything. It's not healthy.

I will always miss my Dad. I miss talking to him and laughing with him and just having a beer with him. I know he lives on in me and for now that's all that matters. Time to go have adventures in this wonderful thing we call LIFE.


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