Athena's Attic (annjej76) wrote,
Athena's Attic

Annjej76 // The Geeks // one Drabble

Title: Spam Speculation
Author: Annje
Words: 100
Team: The Geeks
Fandom: Slight HIMYM crossover to Big Bang Theory
Pairings: None
Rating: PG

“Hey guys, I got an e-mail from a Barney Stinson Esq.” Howard exclaimed clicking on the link.


Raj and Leonard came and crowded around him to see what the new e-mail was about.


“I wonder if this will have moving graphics like the last one” Raj said excitedly.


Opening the e-mail, they gasped.


“I didn’t know they had that move in Yoga” Howard muttered.


“I don’t know why you enjoy this man’s e-mails so much, the man is clearly deranged and reproductively stunted” Sheldon said with an eye roll.


“So what are you saying?” Leonard inquired.


“The man is sick”

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