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Tonight was the last episode starring William Petersen as Gil Grissom. I'm a bit melancholy about his departure. I hope he'll be happy doing theatre in Chicago. Gives me reason to go back to the Windy City to visit. I loved that town.

So tonight the reins were handed off to Catherine and the team which is now joined by Lawerence Fishburn. Still find it odd that Morpheus has joined CSI. Will still watch of course, I'm in love with science. I've always been science's bitch. Can't get enough learning. In fact will be going and getting my old textbooks out and do a bit of light reading.

Not sure I liked how the episode ended tonight. Gil and Sara in the jungle. Always fancied Gil would hook up with Catherine. Oh well. Maybe he'll come back to town now and again and check up on the LVPD.

I'll miss you Grissom.


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